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Lead a Healthy Lifestyle During the Pandemic & Beyond

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With the rising cost of healthcare and the advent of the pandemic, more and more people are seeking for alternative ways to stay healthy at home. Exercise, massages, meditation, nutritious food and a good night’s sleep are all excellent measures for reducing stress and maintaining good health.

Get Moving and be Active at Home

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Exercising for 30 minutes a day at least four to five times a week is very beneficial for the body. If it’s too strenuous, the exercise can be divided into shorter 10-minute sessions. Regular exercise can help lower the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions. It can also help the elderly to prevent and heal from age-related muscular weakness, improve balance, flexibility and endurance, as well as reduce the chance of falling.

However, due to the pandemic, we are unable to work out in the gym and are wary of exercising outdoors. This has led to a deteriorating physical condition. As such, Zero’s home workout equipment would be the perfect solution at this time. You can workout at home anytime using their treadmill or a spin bike, saving your time from going out and ensuring that you can keep your exercise consistent. You don’t have to worry about poor weather or a hectic schedule that preventing you from exercising. Most significantly, you don’t have to be concerned about the risks of being exposed to the virus during the pandemic.

Relax and Unwind Anytime, Anywhere

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If you miss visiting the spa during the lockdown, you can still pamper yourself at home any time of the day with Zero’s massage chairs. The massage chair is perfect when you need a bit of break while working at home.

It is also great for office employees who suffer from back discomfort, neck pain, and mental weariness. The elderly at home will find relief for their joint discomfort and meridian blockages.

Just 15 to 30 minutes of full-body massage can help unclog the body’s meridians, increase blood circulation, and boost the immune system. It can also slow down ageing and improve skin elasticity and vitality. Zero massage chairs can assist individuals who are stressed to ease mental tiredness and relax their entire body.

Some of Zero’s massage chair features are useful to the body, such as acupressure and heat treatment, which can assist with arthritis, rheumatism, and cervical spondylosis. Furthermore, using a massage chair before bedtime may help you fall asleep easier and deepen your sleep, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Achieve Greater Balance and Wellbeing with Zero

Self-care is an important part towards promoting and enhancing your physical and mental well-being. Studies show that stress-related diseases can be reversed through simple strategies such as the ones mentioned above. By looking after yourself holistically via Zero’s health and fitness equipment, you will achieve greater balance, better health and greater wellbeing right in the comfort of your home.

Zero offers exercise and wellness equipment at affordable prices without compromising on product quality and service to its users. Their excellent customer service continues to make it one of the top choices for consumers.

Simple and easy to operate, Zero’s equipment is ideal for use by anyone, at any time with very minimal handling. Choose Zero for a zero-disease and zero-stress lifestyle.

Zero has recently won the Natural Health Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Health and Wellness Equipment Retailer. Our ultimate goal is to become your reliable health partner, providing you the healthiest lifestyle.

Zero Beyond Wellness Awards

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