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Korean Red Ginseng – The Elixir To Health & Well-Being

The Chinese community has long celebrated ginseng for its remedial effects, utilising it as a tonic and restorative medicine since 5,000 years ago. Traditionally, ginseng has been taken for a range of medical conditions and was often referred as an elixir to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

Korean Red Ginseng

Revered as the ‘elixir of life’, Korean red ginseng helps in recovery from fatigue, support blood circulation, enhance brain activity and act with antioxidant properties

Malaysia’s First Korean Red Ginseng Seminar

With the aim to create awareness on Korean red ginseng and how it benefits Malaysians’ health and wellbeing, Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) conducted Malaysia’s first CheongKwanJang Seminar 2017 last month with the support from its local partner KMT Trading Sdn. Bhd. as well as Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Kuala Lumpur, sharing their deep-rooted research on Korean red ginseng.

Speaking at the Malaysia 1st CheongKwanJang Seminar media briefing, Park Jin, Senior Manager of Department, Korea Ginseng Corporation said, “At Korea Ginseng Corporation, we aspire to showcase our 118 years of legacy in producing clean and intact raw ginseng through our systematic ginseng cultivation and processing methodology – from the ideal growing environment, quality manufacturing to optimizing the efficacies of Korean red ginseng through the research and development.

A Great Health Booster

Depending on the state of processing, the unprocessed ginseng becomes red ginseng when it is repeatedly steamed and dried until it has a brown or red hue. It preserves well as it is easy to store for a long time without affecting its quality. Red ginseng is known to boost immune system, help in the recovery from fatigue, support blood circulation, enhance brain activity and act with antioxidant.

“Generally, Korean red ginseng is an exceptional root-packed with uniquely potent vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients that support health and wellbeing. Many Chinese people have lauded Korean Ginseng as the ‘elixir of life,’ citing its legendary benefits,” said Dr. So Seung-Ho, Efficacy & Safety Research Team Leader, Laboratory of Fundamental Research, R&D Headquarters of Korea Ginseng Corporation.

Ginseng contains various pharmacological components, including a series of tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins (ginsenosides), polyacetylenes, polyphenolic compounds and acidic polysaccharides. The extracts produce antimicrobial compounds that work as a defence mechanism against bacterial and viral infections where they help to boost the immune system. Proactive effect of ginsenosides helps to improve concentration and overall brain functioning by stimulating brain cells. It may improve blood circulation by inhibiting thrombus formation, and can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Mr. Park Jin - Korean Red Ginseng

Park Jin, Senior Manager of Department, Korea Ginseng Corporation officiated the opening of Malaysia 1st CheongKwanJang Seminar 2017 media briefing, highlighting that it is essential for local traditional Chinese medicine stores owners and distribution partners to understand the benefits of Korean red ginseng.

Through the debut of CheongKwanJang seminar in Malaysia, Korea Ginseng Corporation aims to create awareness towards the beneficial function of Korean red ginseng among the local traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) stores and its respective distributors. The seminar was completed by sharing sessions by Dr. So Seung-ho and local TCM physician, Ms. Lee Di Von on the efficacies and consumption method of Korean red ginseng.

Mr. Kim Jihwan, Manager of Global Sales Department, Korea Ginseng Corporation highlighted, as a company that builds upon its premium brand value which translates into the trust of customers, Korea Ginseng Corporation takes pride in its long-built history of contributing to people’s health and wellbeing around the world.

“In return for our customers’ strong support, Korea Ginseng Corporation has been introducing a wealth of health food brands. Our investments in consistent quality control and dedication in research and development help to maintain the health of our customers throughout their lives,” said Mr. Kim.

CheongKwanJang has been recognised as an equivalent high-quality Korean ginseng loved by Koreans for thousands of years through which Korean government began to enforce incredibly high standards of quality control. This further reinforces customers’ trust towards the brand’s outstanding quality which embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and the tenacious spirit to become a world-class luxury.

Korean Red Ginseng – Heaven

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