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Kidstime Preschool & Playschool: Nurturing Children’s Innate Intelligence with Quality Care and Education

Kidstime Preschool & Playschool is on a mission to harness the innate intelligence and potential within every child. They understand that a child’s capacity to flourish depends greatly on the right environment, exposure to high-quality guidance, and nurturing care. This commitment to children’s growth is evident in their approach, which aligns with the UK Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS), the PERMATA programme, and the Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan (KSPK).

Individualised Learning: At Kidstime, each child is valued and respected as a unique individual with their own learning style. The preschool recognises that children learn in diverse ways and strives to support their distinct needs. This approach fosters an environment where children can thrive and develop across various domains, including social, emotional, physical, creative, intellectual, and language development.

The Power of Play: Kidstime places a significant emphasis on the importance of play in a child’s development. They understand that play is not only enjoyable but also serves as a catalyst for learning. Through play, children actively construct and test theories about the world around them, continuously enhancing their intellectual development.

Safety and Well-being: To ensure that children thrive both mentally and physically, Kidstime provides a safe and nurturing environment. Children are taught the importance of self-care and well-being, empowering them to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings.

Collaboration with Parents: Kidstime recognises the vital role parents play in a child’s upbringing. They foster a strong partnership with parents, respecting their unique parenting styles. This collaboration promotes a sense of community and involvement, enhancing the overall educational experience for children.

Holistic Development: Kidstime’s approach is not limited to academic growth but encompasses all aspects of a child’s development. By addressing social, emotional, physical, creative, intellectual, and language development, the preschool ensures that children are well-rounded individuals prepared for future success.

Kidstime Preschool & Playschool is dedicated to unlocking the inherent potential and intelligence of every child. By providing a nurturing, play-based environment, fostering collaboration with parents, and embracing holistic development, Kidstime offers children the foundation they need to thrive intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

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