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Keeping baby’s nursery Clean & Organised

Babies seem to have more things than they would possibly need, even before they’re born, thanks to all those shopping sprees and baby gifts! Apart from the fact that there may be an accumulation of unnecessary stuff in your baby’s life, take care too that your baby’s nursery does not end up messy and unhygienic.

Firstly, get organised!

Place everything in your baby’s nursery into categories. This will be made even easier by designating ‘zones’ in the room – Baby’s sleeping zone; nursing zone; changing zone, etc.

Another great tip to keep in mind is to consider how you’ll be using the stuff in the nursery. For example, your breast pump should be by the nursing chair, where else baby’s diapers and clothes, for example, should be well-arranged either at the changing table if you have one, or at any other changing area.

The power of labels

When you label drawers, containers and bins, it not only shows that you’re a no-nonsense house-keeper, but it also acts an an instant indicator of where everything should go. In a way, it also prevents well-meaning relatives or friends from inadvertently re-arranging your baby’s things while helping in the nursery.

Limit upholstery in the nursery

This is to prevent the accumulation of dust mites, which is one of the main culprits of allergic reactions in babies and toddlers. While total eradication of dust mites is impossible, limiting dust will greatly limit their proliferation.

Fabric wall hangings, carpets, curtains, and drapes are all pleasing to the eye and lend visual appeal to a baby’s nursery, but they are still common dust-attractors and should be either omitted or included in moderation in your baby’s nursery.

Mind what you use to clean

When shopping for cleaning products, look for those free from ammonia, chlorine, and fragrance. These are some of the harsh ingredients in cleaning products that are known to provoke respiratory distress and skin irritation in children. Cleaning products labeled “non toxic if inhaled or ingested,” “biodegradable” or “plant-based” will likely be gentler and safer than those with generic terms on their labels.

Don’t overdo on baby essentials

While it’s nice to stock up on essentials so that you’ll never be low on anything, you can’t possibly benefit from an overstock of baby clothes or even diapers, for that matter.

Let go of unnecessary items

Regularly sift through your baby’s things and identify what you don’t need. Keep in mind that not everything is worth saving. If an item is ripped or stained, toss or donate it. If your storage space is limited, or you don’t plan to have another child soon, be discerning about what you keep.

If you plan to have more kids soon, it’s fine to keep clothes for hand-me-downs. Don’t let them stay in drawers taking up space, though. Instead, place them in sealed boxes to be stored away till needed.

Make vacuuming a habit

It may not be anyone’s favourite chore, but regular vacuuming will keep your baby’s nursery dust-free as possible. This is especially so if you happen to have carpeting or upholstery in your baby’s nursery.

The lesser the better – What say you?

It’s no rocket science, this one! On one hand, you have a nursery full of furniture and stuff to admire other than your adorable baby, and keeping the place clean and organised is quite a challenge. On the other, you have a nursery with just the stuff you need, uncomplicated in design, and it’s way easier to keep it neat, clean and organised. The choice is yours!

Reminder: You might not have given the soft pad covers of your child’s changing table much thought, but due to the nature of its use, it’s an ideal place for germs to accumulate. Launder it frequently to prevent germs from spreading.

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