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Keep Calm and Make Some Tea with the Top 5 Best Electric Kettles

No one likes waiting for water to boil. Whether you’re brewing a cup of tea, coffee, or milo, the two minutes it takes for the kettle to do its job can feel like forever. If you can’t stand the thought of waiting a moment longer for your drink, why not consider an electric kettle? They’re faster, prettier, and safer then a traditional kettle, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy your steaming hot mug without any delays. Find out about the top 5 best electric kettles below.

Khind Electric Jug Kettle EK5813 1.7L

A must have electrical appliance for every house, the Khind Electric Jug Kettle is made for quality.

This kettle is designed for both safety and convenience. It contains an automatic off switch which turns off the power when the water inside is hot enough to boil, thus reducing the chances of messy spills or overboiling. The Khind Electric Jug Kettle also has an extra filter to ensure that the water is hygienic and safe to drink.

It comes with a one meter power cord for the base, giving you some flexibility when it comes to placement. The kettle itself, however, does not use any cord at all, allowing you to carry it around wherever and whenever you need. The Khind Electric Jug Kettle also uses materials that reduce any odors, ensuring that your kitchen continues to smell fresh and clean. Apart from that, every Khind Electric Jug Kettle is tested for quality. They are made to last, and each of them comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Panasonic 4.0L Electric Pump Thermo Pot

The 4.0L Panasonic Electric Thermo Pot keeps water hot and ready for your use.

The pot enables you to choose between four temperature settings, plus a reboil setting to warm up water that has cooled. With the pot’s easy-to-read water gauge, you will always know how much water is remaining. This water hot pot features a cool-touch body and a fold-down carrying handle for convenient and safe portability.

For your safety, this portable water pot has a dispenser lock button that guards against unintended dispensing and a magnetic power cord that releases automatically under pressure. This Panasonic 4.0L Electric Pump Thermo Pot also features a tightly closing lid, so that hot water stays in the unit even in the event of an accidental tipping.

But that’s not all! The Panasonic Thermo Pot uses a Binchotan-Carbon coated inner pot that effectively spreads heat transmission to every single water molucule, breaking up the cluster of water. It also changes the pH value, turning hot water more alkaline. This extracts more of the tasty flavorful components such as amino acids and catechins from tea. The result is a delicious cup of tea that’s also better for your health.

To help you save energy, the Panasonic Thermo Pot has a vacuum insulation panel installed. The inner pot is totally covered with the newly designed vacuum insulation panel (U-VIP) that acts like a thermos – keeping your water hotter for longer. This means less energy wasted reheating the water every time you need a refill. In addition, the Panasonic Thermo Pot contains an Energy Saving Timer which remembers daily patterns of use and automatically controls heating during periods when the pot is not used to reduce your electricity bill.

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ELBA Electric Kettle EK-A5021(SS)

Go back to basics with the Elba Electric Kettle.

ELBA provides you with a wide range of household appliances to make mundane activities more convenient. Smart and stylish, highly-functional with low power consumption, ELBA household appliances are matchless time-savers that bring comfort, convenience and pleasure to every household. Give your kitchen a special touch of class and elegance with the ELBA Electric Kettle EK-A5021(SS).

The ELBA Electric Kettle EK-A5021(SS) comes in a sleek stainless steel finish that is highly durable and safe for boiling water. The energy-efficient kettle has features a unique design that allows for easy pouring. The ELBA Electric Kettle is so easy to use, you can make a hot cup of your favourite drink whenever you like!

The ELBA electric kettle is designed with a UK Strix thermostat that automatically cuts power off when the water has boiled, saving electricity and avoiding over-boil. The kettle also has an integrated dry-boil protection that switches your kettle off when it detects the occurrence of boil dry conditions. The concealed heating element in the kettle ensures that your water boils fast and is clean.

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Philips 1.2L Daily Collection Kettle

Save up to 50% of energy when boiling water with the Philips Daily Collection Stainless Steel Mini Kettle. Featuring the unique ”one cup indicator” feature, this mini kettle allows you to boil only the water you need, without taking up too much space in your kitchen.

The body of the new Philips Daily Collection Stainless Steel Mini Kettle uses food-grade standard stainless steel, providing you rapidly boiling water with perfect peace of mind. Apart from that, the Philips Stainless Steel Mini Kettle has a cord winder feature, meaning that the power cable length can be adjusted as required for easy storage.

The wide openings and stainless steel exterior ensures easy filling and cleaning up, saving you time and energy. The Philips Stainless Steel Mini Kettle also has an internal steam sensor, providing protection against dry boiling and overheating.

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Kenwood SJM290 Kettle Jug

Whatever your style, Kenwood has just the right kettle for you: The Kenwood SJM290 brushed metal 1.7 litre jug kettle with black accents.

With a secure, hinged lid for easy filling and a wide angled spout for easy pouring, this kettle is made for maximum convenience. It has a dual water windows with cup measurements to ensure easy filling. It also has mesh filter installed to trap limescale and stop any water particles from entering your drinks. When you need to clean the kettle, the filter is simple and easily removed. The inside of the jug also contains polished concealed elements for reduced scale build up and easy maintenance.

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