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IPC Shopping Centre Brings ‘Infinite Prosperity’ this Lunar New Year

Kuala Lumpur, January 23rd, 2019 – This Lunar New Year, IPC Shopping Centre is proud to present their very own infinity loop in conjunction with their “Infinite Prosperity” theme. During this festive season, shoppers can experience continuous prosperity and traditional Chinese culture through the Infinity Bamboo Garden as well as performances and family-friendly activities set up by the shopping centre.

Visitors will be transported into a peaceful oasis as they stroll through the Infinity Bamboo Garden located at the concourse area. The garden that is in the shape of an infinity symbol decorated with figurines of this year’s zodiac – represents the concept of infinite joy, laughter, wealth, health, peace, and harmony in the lives of all who step foot in the shopping centre; and infinite amount of new happy memories created inside the shopping centre as it strives to be so much more than just another shopping destination. Upon completing the loop, visitors can ring the bell to mark the start of a new year for more luck, prosperity, health and peace this coming year.

Visitors will also be able to browse through various pop-up stores stationed around the concourse area, take part in the weekend DIY workshops, and get into the festive mood with God of Prosperity and Goddess walkabout, Chinese orchestra, Lion Dance, and Chinese Folk Dance performances.

“Here at IPC Shopping Centre, we believe that prosperity is not limited just to wealth, it can also come in many different forms. To some, it may be in the form of good health, to others it may be new relationships, new opportunities, peace, or even strength to overcome adversities. Whatever prosperity means to our shoppers, this space is created to bridge harmony and positivity with loved ones,” said Eleanor Lo, Marketing Manager of IPC Shopping Centre.

She further explains, “As a shopping centre that believes in bringing people together, we have decided to leverage on the theme ‘Infinite Prosperity’ because we want to help our shoppers achieve the prosperity that they deserve. Just as the bamboo bridge in the middle of our infinity loop links one side to the other, we want to be the community-friendly shopping centres that links families and friends together this festive season. Regardless pre-Chinese New Year shopping or reunion gatherings, we have something for everyone.”

During this period, shoppers will also be rewarded with surprises every time they spend at IPC Shopping Centre.

  • 2019 IPC Red Packet Set | With minimum purchase of RM100 in a single receipt
  • IPC Bamboo Stainless Steal Tumbler & IPC Red Packet Set | With minimum purchase of RM800 in a maximum combination of 2 receipts within the same day

Children aged 12 and below will also be given a chance to participate in the following workshops. These workshops are on a first come first serve basis with a special priority given to members of the IPC Små Club, a club set up by IPC Shopping Centre exclusively for children aged 12 and below. Parents can register their children at the i-Counter located at level G for a one year free membership and to enjoy more promotions, rewarded for their sustainability efforts at IPC Recycling and Buy Back Centre, discounts, workshops, activities, and birthday specials for their child when they shop at IPC.


  • Clay Piggy Pencil Topper Workshop

19, 27 Jan & 4, 10 Feb | 12.00pm

  • Bamboo Tray Painting Workshop

19, 27 Jan & 4, 10 Feb | 3.00pm

  • God of Prosperity Hand Puppet Workshop

20 Jan & 1, 5,16 Feb | 3.00pm

  • Dragon Dance Puppet Workshop

21 Jan & 2, 6,17 Feb | 3.00pm

  • Lucky Coinpouch Workshop

26 Jan & 3, 9 Feb | 12.00pm

  • Fortune Pouch Workshop

20 Jan & 1, 5,16 Feb | 12.00pm

  • Chinese Drum Workshop

26 Jan & 3, 9 Feb | 3.00pm

  • Cherry Blossom Paper Fan Workshop

21 Jan & 2, 6, 17 Feb | 12.00pm


  • God of Prosperity & Goddess Walkabout

19-21, 26 & 27 Jan | 2.00pm

6 ,9 & 10 Feb | 2.00pm

  • Chinese Orchestra Performance

5 & 6  Feb | 4.00pm

  • Chinese Folk Dance Performance

2 & 3  Feb | 6.30pm

4,5 & 6 Feb | 6.00pm

  • Acrobatic Lion Dance

05 Feb | 11.00am

  • Traditional Lion Dance

02-04,06 Feb | 6.00pm

For more information about IPC Shopping Centre’s Infinite Prosperity celebration and its list of activities, visit www.ipc.com.my.

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