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IGS English – Benefits of Equipping Reading and Creative Writing Skills from a Young Age

IGS English

Margaret Fuller, a famed American journalist, once said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”. Indeed, being well-read offers ample benefits, including opening many doors of opportunities. The younger a reader is, the more doors are open for them.

Being able to read for meaning and enjoyment is perhaps the most vital skill that children will learn in their lifetime. As basic reading is the fundamental building block of almost all of their future learning, it is a critical indicator of their future success.

Children who have difficulties in reading and writing may feel excluded from learning in general as they will struggle to catch up with the higher grade curriculum and fall behind in their studies. Unless these young learners can get the hang of reading and writing from an early age, they find themselves at a constant disadvantage and try to catch up with the others throughout their school life. Such a scenario will dampen their enthusiasm to engage in further literacy activities.

Indeed, studies have shown that children who can read within the first three years of primary school have demonstrated increased self-confidence and socio-emotional well-being as they can express themselves well.

Benefits of Reading & Creative Writing for Children

  1. Expands a Child’s Imagination

Reading widely helps broaden a child’s horizons. They read something interesting, which leads them to yet another thing, which they simply must find out about more. It sparks their curiosity and inculcates a thirst for knowledge and learning. This sets them up to be lifelong learners. Creative writing helps a child unleash their imaginations as they practice thinking outside the box. They will view the world in a way that is unique and different from other kids.

  1. Helps Improve Language Skills

Reading helps increase a child’s vocabulary, and writing gives them the avenue to put these newly learned words onto paper. They will also get to explore more words and improve their grammar. These are invaluable skills that will help them in academic and professional writing in their studies and careers down the line.

  1. Develops Self Confidence

As children finish reading one book after another and progressing to more advanced levels; and as they write story after story; they will grow in their self-confidence knowing that they can create something unique and wonderful. By exploring different types of characters and learning about issues these characters face, they will also discover what they are passionate about as they develop their voice and identity.

  1. Teaches Empathy

To write effectively, the child must delve into the character’s emotions and thoughts. What are they feeling? What would someone in that situation do? By putting themselves into someone else’s shoes, children will learn how to empathise with others in real life.

  1. A Good Way to Express Themselves

It can be difficult growing up in this modern world. Being bombarded by messages from all sorts of online and digital media, as well as interactions with their family and peers, can be overwhelming. Reading helps them escape to a whole new world where they may even gain a new perspective on the issues that they face. As an extension of that, creative writing gives children a safe avenue in which to express their thoughts and emotions. Having a character wrestle with similar feelings and issues provides children with the opportunity to process strong emotions that are upsetting for them.

Give Your Child a Good Headstart

Parents can ensure that their child receives a good headstart in reading and writing by enrolling their kids at IGS English. The centre was recently recognised as the Best Enrichment Centre (Reading and Writing) by BabyTalk Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 as they have successfully imparted the love of reading and writing in the lives of numerous children.

IGS Enrichment Centre Awards

At IGS, the importance of both reading and writing are taken seriously for the benefit of their students. The reading programme indirectly also trains children to appreciate and understand between the lines while analysing stories being read through discussions in class. Through the Creative Writing programme, children will also be nurtured to the point of becoming writers with creativity, passion and interest. It is an advantage in this demanding world that students can write compelling essays with proper grammar and flair with words, and this is the ultimate aim of the Creative Writing programme at IGS English.

Here, there will be no holistic markings that are not beneficial for kids. Instead, each word, sentence, as well as the overall writing quality, are given due attention to ensure that the young learners emerge as keen and capable writers, with a writing style and quality that warrants their readers’ attention.

With a variety of fun programmes to choose from, IGS will be the ideal enrichment centre in your child’s English language development and most importantly, for their lifelong benefit.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.igsenglish.com or Facebook Page (@IGSEnglish)



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