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How to Choose the Best Wallpaper Service Professionals

Best Wallpaper Service Professionals

The best wallpaper service professionals can revive the look of your home and protect your walls, too. Get the job done right the first time with a professional wallpaper installer and you won’t have to worry about it for years to come.

Best Wallpaper Service Professionals

You might wonder why you should spend money hiring  a professional installer. Surely installing wallpaper can’t be too hard? There are so many online tutorials nowadays, and it’s essentially just tearing off the old wallpaper and sticking on the new one, isn’t it? No, it isn’t. You also need to know the best way to remove the old wallpaper, clean the wall, fill in holes or cracks and remove any texturing. Enamel paint might need to be deglossed and new drywall might need to be primed. What if a problem comes up during your work? Would you know how to deal with it? Professionals have the expertise and the experience to get all of it done efficiently and effectively.

Professional wallpaper installers can consult with you to choose the most suitable material for your requirements and home conditions. If you don’t use your air cond too often, your home might tend to the humid side, and wallpaper professionals would know which type of wallpaper to steer you towards. Conversely, if you keep the air cond on, you’d need wallpaper that works well in constantly dry conditions. They will also advise about which coverings to choose to achieve the effect you want. Another bonus of going with a professional is that they can get you good deals on wallpaper thanks to their relationships with wallpaper suppliers. You would also have access to a wider range of products than you could find at the shops.

Trying to save money by taking on your own wallpapering work might end up costing you more money than hiring an installer. Wallpapering requires specialised tools which will probably end up not being used for years to come, so you’ve effectively paid for expensive one-use tools. Your inexperience might also cost you money … there’s not much leeway for mistakes – you either live with unsightly walls or you will have to strip it all down and start again, which also means you need to buy new wallpaper. It could be even worse if you damage your walls. It just makes sense to get a professional to do it, especially since they would have all the tools and equipment required for the job.

While learning by trial and error can be a good thing, it isn’t when it comes to wallpapering your home. The stakes are bigger, here, so getting it done right the first time outweighs any cons of hiring a professional. Professionals will produce excellent work with zero stress and you can get on with enjoying your beautiful wallpaper. Why would you want to live with peeling or bubbling wallpaper? In this case, getting the job done is more important than learning a new skill.

Clean-up is also a big headache with DIY projects, and the clean-up after a wallpapering job can get extensive. The best wallpaper service professionals will clean up after themselves, making sure all the old wallpaper is removed and any work debris cleared. This is a life-saver as wallpaper comes in big sheets!

What Should I Expect with Wallpaper Service Professionals?

Wallpaper installation would start with a pre-hanging visit which would include measurements, requirement discussion and materials and quotations. At the installation, the best wallpaper service professionals will turn off your electricity, remove the electricity panels, and tape over them to protect them.

Next, your walls will be properly prepared. This means old wallpaper will be removed, the wall will be cleaned, left to dry, then checked for mildew. If mildew is found, it will need to be dealt with before installation. The wall will also be checked for holes, dents, bumps, wet patches, and so on. All imperfections would need to be dealt with to prepare a smooth surface on which primer will be applied.

The wallpaper will then be cut and paste will be applied to it. If using pre-pasted wallpaper, it’s instructions will be followed. The paper will be lined up and applied section by section, flattened as each section is applied, and trimmed. Finally, a seam roller will press the seams securely into the adhesive and the seams will be cleaned.

Best Wallpaper Service Professionals

How Do I Choose the Best Wallpaper Service Professional?

* Ask About Their Experience and Training

Like most things, the more practice in wallpapering, the more proficient. How many years has the company been in business? Have they worked with all different sorts of wallpaper? Which one do they feel most proficient in? You can be sure that the more projects the company has done, the more adept they would be at solving problems or catering to any special requests.

Paper hanging is a craft, so the best wallpaper service professionals would have had some sort of training. Look for companies who continually train their staff and ask for certifications they have received. Professionals who have undergone apprenticeships would be well-versed in the art of wallpaper hanging, too.

* How Familiar Are They With the Materials? What About Other Wall Decorations?

There are so many different materials that you can use on your walls … vinyl, fabric, silk, bamboo … how familiar is the hanger with the particular type of material you want to use? Consult with them on hanging methods and make sure they know what the best adhesive works with the material in question, especially if it’s a more expensive, specialised material like silk.

If you are planning on doing a bit of design on your walls, make sure your wallpaper professional has the expertise to handle the application. Photo murals come in panels or strips that need to be perfectly aligned. Sponging and trim have special application techniques.

* Do They Accommodate Special Requests?

Be sure to include any special requests in your pre-installation discussion with your paper hanger. Do you want borders around your outlet covers? Do you want your pattern to start in a particular spot? The best wallpaper service professionals will accommodate your requests as much as they can, or advise you otherwise. You want to be able to share your wishes comfortably with your wallpaper hanger, so find one who is open and easy to talk to.

* Is There a Guarantee on the Work?

Perfectly installed wallpaper should be seamless and smooth, with no air bubbles and glue stains. Does the company offer guarantees on their work?  If you are not completely satisfied with the result, you should be able to call them back to redo the job until you are satisfied, free of charge.

Best Wallpaper Service Professionals

What Are the Prices I Might Expect?

* Bedroom RM6,400 – RM16,000

* Bathroom RM4, 160 – RM10,400

* Living Room RM9,600 – RM24,000

* Dining Room RM9,600 – RM24,000

* Hallway RM3,200 – RM8,000

* Kitchen RM7,040 – RM17,600

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