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How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Service Professionals

best solar panel service professionals

The best solar panel service professionals set you up so that you can reap the benefits of nature and save on electricity. This is a big and complicated job, no matter how easy the DIY videos make it seem, so why take it on yourself?

It may seem daunting and expensive to call in professional solar panel installers, but the benefits far outweigh the obstacles, so it’s worth looking into it. Firstly, installing solar panels is not a straightforward installation job. It requires a lot of research, an understanding of your needs and the systems, thought, and planning, even before you think about installation. If you’re not familiar with the electricity system and what solar panels actually do, you might be taking on too large a project without all the proper knowledge to make it work. A professional can advise you through every step of the way, from considering solar panels to installing and even expectations and maintenance post-installation.

Another good reason to ask a professional to do the installation for you is that you will benefit from warranties and quality materials. These are a big part of what you are paying for. If you were to buy the materials yourself, you may not have the best choices available to you, and you may not know what to choose, anyway. Professionals will offer you the best choices that will last you a long time. They will be able to buy these materials at a better price thanks to their good relationship with the suppliers. On top of that, any materials, as well as labour, would be under warranty in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Experienced installers know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. In the event of any issues, they would be best positioned to work around problems. If you run into a problem on your own, you would have to research into solving it, and you wouldn’t be sure of the outcome. Companies that have been in the business for a long time will also be licensed, meaning that they go through continual stringent training and testing.

Professional installers are able to connect you to the grid. This way, if your solar panels don’t end up producing enough energy, you have the backup of the utility company, ensuring stability. You might even earn back from the utility company for contributing to the grid – there are many reward schemes to recognise your efforts nowadays. Professional installers will also help you obtain all the necessary permits and applications to go off-grid.

best solar panel service professionals

What Should I Expect with Solar Panel Service Professionals?

The best solar panel service professionals will first consult with you to determine your energy requirements. This will involve a home visit and discussion about your daily energy usage, the number of people in the house, and so on. You will be informed about the options you have, and the best way to integrate solar energy harnessing with your current needs and usage. A quote, complete with everything discussed, will be presented, approved by you, then the materials will be purchased.

The installation visit will involve preparation for the installation including determining where the electrical panel and roof entryways are and marking off work areas. Next, the racking/mounting will be installed, followed by the solar panels, a solar inverter, a meter and electrical disconnects. Wiring/conduits will be hooked up and customised.

Testing might not be immediate, but might involve monitoring over a period of time. In the next few weeks, an inspection will be conducted by the city, then the local utility company will install the net meter and approve your solar panel use.

best solar panel service professionals

How Do I Choose the Best Solar Panel Service Professional?

* Market Reputation

Ratings and reviews can be a good indication of the company’s success rate, but you have to know how to interpret them. Good reviews and ratings can be bought. Go for paid review sites for more honest feedback. On the company’s website and social media pages, pay more attention to the reviews that highlight the good experiences as well as the experiences they wish could have been better. The same with ratings – try to see if customers who rated 3-4 wrote about their good and bad experiences. How did the company address these issues? If there’s no indication online, perhaps ask the company directly. Finally, obviously, if a company consistently receives negative reviews, there’s not point asking for justification or clarification.

* What’s Their Qualifications?

After you have narrowed down companies that are near you and have come highly recommended, ask them about their qualifications. They should have certifications from the relevant boards for every different system they work with. Also check on the qualifications of the professionals themselves. Solar panel installation is a highly specialised area, and requires intensive training, which is what you’re paying for in the first place.

* What’s Their Track Record?

Alongside qualifications, enquire into their expertise. How long have they been installing each solar panel that they work with? What issues have they encountered in the past, and how have they dealt with them? The more experience they have had, they better equipped they would be to solve problems. Are they able to show you successful projects they have done in the past?

Enquire About the Paperwork

Another thing to check is the business license and insurance paperwork. Solar panel installation licensing would generally include general contracting, electrician, and home improvement/home performance contracting. This will ensure the company is accountable to the relevant authorities.

Insurance is another crucial thing a company should have to guard against general liability in the event of damage, and worker’s compensation, in the event of injury. Double check that everything is up-to-date.

What Are the Prices I Might Expect?

* Solar Panel Installation 4kW-12kW RM16,000 – RM23,000

The price of installation depends on the installation size, quality of solar panels, and the plan or company you choose.

There is also the option to ‘lease’ solar panels from providers registered with the authorities. This will offer you low upfront costs and a suitable payment scheme towards full ownership.

Banks are also starting to offer green deals  that cover solar energy harnessing.

best solar panel service professionals

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