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How to Choose the Best Sofa and Mattress Cleaning Service Professionals

best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals

The best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals will maintain your sofas and mattresses to keep them clean and comfortable for you. Your sofas and mattresses are pieces of furniture you have direct contact with everyday. They pick up thousands of germs and allergens every day, as well as dust, which attracts dust mites. They are stained with all sort of stains, including food, drink, blood, vomit or urine, and you are exposed to all of it every time you sit or lie down. You may be a meticulous cleaner, but you just don’t have the expertise, tools and equipment to clean your sofa and mattress thoroughly.

A professional sofa and mattress cleaner is fully trained with updated cleaning techniques. They know how to use the most effective equipment to rid your sofa and mattress of all the dust, allergens, germs, and even mould that lurk in them and they already have the machinery to do the job, so you won’t have to buy it yourself (they are very expensive!) The best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals will also have safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic products to treat your sofa and mattress properly and safely. It makes sense to leave the job to them.

A professional clean will actually protect your sofa and mattress. If you do it yourself, your inexpertise with the sofa and mattress materials or the cleaning products or machinery might ruin your beautiful couch or favourite mattress. On top of that, did you know that dirt can actually wear away the fabric if left on long-term? Professional cleaners break down these corrosive elements and flush them away, preserving your favourite lounging spaces.

One more good reason to call in professional sofa and mattress care – they will leave your furniture smelling fresh as a daisy and pleasant to sit or sleep on. Bad smells can pollute the air and affect its quality, affecting your peace of mind and sleep, in the long run. A professional clean is a great investment for you all around.

What Should I Expect with Sofa and Mattress Cleaning Service Professionals?

Prior to the actual cleaning, the best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals will conduct a pre-cleaning visit to assess the condition of your sofa or mattress. They will take note of the materials involved, as well as any stains, tears or worn down areas.

* Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaners strip the mattress down, vacuum the mattress (some use wet vacuums, depending on whether the mattress can withstand water, which might need drying time), then spot-clean with a stain remover. After another vacuum, they flip the mattress and do the same for the other side.

best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals

* Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaners vacuum the loose debris off the sofa, then treat as follows:

Washable fabrics – Detergents and water are applied to any stains, then scrubbed off (if the material allows).

Non-washable fabrics – Dry cleaning fluids are applied to any stains, and removed according to instructions.

Leather or plastic surfaces – leather or plastic surfaces are rubbed with oiled cloth and buffed to soften and restore luster

Any wooden parts of the sofa are polished, and finally, a stain repellent or plastic fluid may be sprayed on to repel soil, if the material permits.

best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals

How Do I Choose the Best Sofa and Mattress Service Professional?

Look at the Location

When you are searching online for a sofa and mattress cleaning company, focus on location first. Start nearby your place, then radiate out until you have at least 3-5 companies shortlisted. The closer the company, the easier it would be to call on them in the event of any cleaning emergencies.

Check Out the Reviews

Read all the reviews you can find about the company, preferably from paid review sites. These will give you an idea of what to expect from the company – the good and the not so good. Another hint you can get from reviews is how many and how frequent they are. Companies whose reviews are few and far between may not be as popular – and for good reason.

Do They Specialise?

Some companies specialise in sofa or mattress cleaning, and you would probably want to go with them. Some companies actually specialise in other types of cleaning, but just add sofa or mattress cleaning into their list of services. This is OK if they have specific accreditation for these types of cleaning too, so if you choose to go for this kind of company, ask for proof of accreditation.

Look for Accreditation 

An accreditation portfolio means that the company and their technicians go through continuous training. This means that they are updated about new techniques and equipment in their industry, something that is very important in the cleaning industry. This will especially come in handy if you need specialised cleaning for more unusual problems.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask each company the same set of questions about the products that they use, the procedure they follow, the results they aim for, and so on. Did they explain the procedure thoroughly so that you fully understand everything? Did they fill you in on post-cleaning requirements? If the representative is patient, explains everything thoroughly, and answers all your questions satisfactorily, then you know that you can work well with them.

Are the Professionals Vetted?

You are inviting the cleaning professionals into your home, so you would want to know if they have been checked out by the company. Security is first and foremost, after all. Ask the company how they vet their staff and ask for proof of this.

What Products Do They Use?

You and your family will have constant and direct contact with your sofa and mattress, so it’s important to see what kind of products will be used on them. If you or a family member has sensitivities or allergies, you need to pay particular attention to this. Discuss products with the company, and research into it. If they don’t already use environmentally sound or biodegradable products, ask if they can offer that option. If you have your own products, discuss using them with the company. The best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals will at least consider researching into the possibility.

best sofa and mattress cleaning service professionals

What Are the Prices I Might Expect?

* Armchair/Recliner RM120 – RM200

* Love Seat RM200 – RM240

* Couch RM280 – RM320

* Sectional Sofa RM400 – RM600

Mattress Cleaning

* Hot Water (Steam) Extraction RM104

* Dry Cleaning RM144

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