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Holistic Patient Care to Complement Your Health Needs

DSY Wellness is a long established Wellness Centre offering evidence-based complementary medical therapies for chronic health problems. Anchored on the idea of a non-mainstream medical practice with integrative medicine, used in conjunction with traditional medicine as an improvement to healthcare quality.

Complementary or alternative medicine can be classified into 5 major categories of practice which include:

  • Whole medical systems
  • Mind-body techniques
  • Biological Based Medicine (Eg. Functional & Nutritional Medicine)
  • Manipulative and body-based therapies
  • Energy therapies (Eg. massages, meditation, biofeedback, tai chi, reiki, music therapy, guided imagery, and dietary supplements)

Common uses of complementary medicine include improving quality of life for those living with chronic conditions or in palliative care. This form of medical wellness can also improve post-surgical care and help anxious patients complete orthodox treatments and procedures that have unpleasant side effects, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other hormonal treatments.

People with chronic or life-limiting conditions such as multiple sclerosis, mental health problems (i.e. mild depression and anxiety), weight problems, musculoskeletal problems, or a history of substance misuse (including alcohol and drugs), can also be greatly supported using complementary medicine alongside conventional care.

Jonathan Chew, a Senior Consultant from DSY Wellness explains that the Centre offers Complementary Medicine approaches, including Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine to help manage chronic health disorders by addressing known root causes through correction of dietary or nutrition deficiencies and lifestyle modifications. The team at DSY Wellness also believes that everyone is unique in terms of bodily biochemistry, which is why they place the highest priority of care on the client based on their individual health needs.

The knowledge and clinical experience gained in the past decades has also enabled the Centre’s team to extend chronic health management expertise to industries for developing sustained productivity and peak performance programs among senior executives, managers and directors in private sector industries.

Besides addressing chronic health disorders, DSY Wellness also partners with the Institute of Complementary & Traditional Medicine (www.ictm.org.my) to provide various courses of personal health empowerment. Mainly to address the rising prevalence rate of chronic health disorders, both locally and internationally.

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