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Here’s Why You Should be Including More Juices in Your Everyday Meal Plan

Nothing appeals to the palate more than a glass of cold and refreshing fresh fruit juice on a hot sunny day. With Malaysia’s tropical weather where temperatures sometime soar past 350C, a glass of fruit juice is an excellent thirst quencher.

Along with hydrating and replenishing you with the lost fluids, a single serving of fruit juice (1 cup of 100% fruit juice) also nourishes the body with essential nutrients like minerals, multivitamins, and antioxidants that are sometimes absent from our daily diet.

For example, the universally loved orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, folate and polyphenols[1] and is known to fulfil the daily dietary recommendation for vitamin C intake. A glass of lush red pomegranate juice on the other hand, is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B.

Over the years, fruit juices have gained in popularity and there is no doubt about the health and nutritional benefits of fruit juices[2]. From improving cardiovascular health to giving you radiant skin, a glass of fresh fruit juice is much more than just a tasty drink.

Read below to find out why fruit juices should be a part of your daily diet and the associated health benefits.

Juices can increase the intake of your daily fruit and vegetable quota

The World Health Organisation recommends consuming 400g of fruits and vegetables every day for adults[3]. This could include a mix of green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, salad favourites, citrus fruits, stone fruits, berries and melons. But, do we? Research shows that only 6% Malaysians eat adequate portions of fruits and vegetables leading to several health disorders like constipation, lower immunity and even diabetes.

What better way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet than a glass of delicious and refreshing juice? Blending more than a single variety of fruit ensures that you are consuming enough fruits to fulfil the daily requirement. You can even get creative and add greens like spinach and kale or nuts like almonds to add more flavour and nourishment to your juice.

Effectively meeting the daily nutrition requirement

Recall the number of times you have been too occupied with a presentation or a report, grabbing whatever food you can find around you or worse, skipping an important meal altogether. The result – a poor diet pattern and insufficient nutrient intake.

Despite rising awareness around healthy eating habits, for most Malaysians’ the nutritional intake continues to remain under the daily recommended servings[4]. When individuals are unable to meet the daily dietary requirements, they often face associated issues such as fatigue and drop in energy levels.

While a glass of juice is not a substitute for a well-balanced meal, a serving of blended fruit juice can give you a healthy dose of enzymes, essential minerals, vitamins and natural sugars. More nourishment than you can find in a hastily picked up bakery croissant.

For example, a glass of mango juice can provide you with minerals like iron and potassium whereas a refreshing glass of banana juice can provide you with calcium, nutrients that we often overlook in our everyday eating habits.

A convenient and healthy snacking alternative

Convenience has altered the way we think about food. Especially for individuals who are constantly on-the-go. We often reach out for food options that are fast and easy to get versus factoring in their nutrition profile.

Switching over to healthier alternatives like salads, nuts and fruit juices will keep you full, less sluggish, complement your nutrition intake and keep the waistline in check. Available in ready to drink packs, Tropicana Essentials Orange Blend, Mango Blend and Banana Blend are the perfect on-the-go snacking alternative for busy urbanites. A refreshing and delicious drink that can be conveniently enjoyed at any time, Tropicana Essentials is a cool new way to quench thirst and close your daily nutritional gap wherever you are.

Combining the benefits of several fruits in one, the newly introduced Tropicana Essentials range is the solution to incorporate more fruits in your diet. Each blend is a carefully selected mix of fruits that not only improve the taste profile of the juice but all also increases the overall nutrient value, while helping you to get your daily fix of essential nutrients.

For instance, Tropicana Essentials Orange Blend, is loaded with multivitamins like including Vitamin A, B3 and B6, C and E whereas the Tropicana Essentials Mango Blend contains 5.3mg of iron, an essential mineral in red blood cell formation. Apart from its exotic taste, the Tropicana Essentials Banana Blend that combines the fruity goodness of bananas, white grapes and strawberries contains 267 mg calcium which helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth. Together these help Malaysians to fulfil their daily nutrient intake as they juggle multiple tasks in a single day.

So the next time those 4pm hunger pangs hit you, make way for a pack or two of Tropicana Essentials to keep you going throughout the day.


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