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Healthy Bentos for Kids with Mission Foods

I am a big fan of Mission Foods’ tortilla chips and wholemeal pita, which goes very well with dips and curries, respectively. But I have not thought of using their products as my bento lunch box and how this would make an awesome healthy lunch for kids at school.

So, it was a such an inspiring moment to be see three lovely moms showcasing their creative bento lunch boxes using Mission Foods products on a rainy afternoon in Bangsar today. Consultant dietitian Indra Balaratnam and two celebrity moms, Aishah Sinclair and Sazzy Falak shared their secrets for creating quick and healthy bentos using Mission Foods products including the wrap, pizza crust and tortilla chips.


Moms on a Mission for Healthier Bentos

Yup, we were trained to create healthy bentos

Yes, Mission Foods launched a new product – the Pizza Crust and I can’t wait to try it as a DIY pizza at home!

Mission products – the healthier choice for your meals and snacks!

Indra Balaratnam, mother to 11-year-old daughter Skyler, said, “Children get excited by many things, be it dinosaurs, mermaids, cars or cute little animals, and they love anything colourful, so why not incorporate what appeals to them in a lunchbox?” She also shared tips on how to sneak in vegetables into the box in an appealing way for kids and how she tries to include all five food groups such as grain, protein, dairy, nuts, vegetables and fruits into her daughter’s bento.

Indra Balaratnam and her Mission Dinosaur Quesadillas Bento

Her chicken and cheese quesadillas utilised Mission 6-Grain Wraps shaped into dinosaurs grazing in a flower garden. The flower garden is creatively designed with salad leaves and edible flowers. A Dinosaur Nest lay on the side, made up of Mission Tortilla Chips, mixed nuts and a boiled egg with dots coloured with beetroot juice.

A closer look at the Mission Dinosaur Quesadillas Bento

Aishah Sinclair created the Tandoori Chicken Pizza made with Mission Wholemeal Pizza Crust in the shape of flowers for her two daughters. “I always cut out cute shapes using cookie cutters which gets them really excited. I also believe in not stinging on good quality and fresh food as they taste great and are nutritious,” said the fitness enthusiast and mom to Soraya Ann, aged 7 and Aina Elisabeth, aged 3.

Aishah Sinclair and her Mission Flower Pizza Bento

Sazzy Falak, mother to twins Tiara Rose and Iman Lily, aged 6, makes it a point to prepare meals for her family no matter how busy she is. She created a bed of Mission Original Tortilla Chips nachos topped with crushed avocadoes and melted cheese, served with a fresh salsa. There is also a teddy-shaped boiled egg and fruits with cute animal picks. “Having a carbohydrate base that is healthy, versatile and convenient to use is important as it gives them the energy they need to sustain them throughout the day. From here, use your imagination to bring in five colours for a variety of flavours, textures and nutrients,” said Sazzy.

Sazzy Falak and her Mission Tornado Chips Bento

Mission Foods is the international leader in flatbreads offering a wide range of products including Wraps in 6 different flavours, Pita, Naan, Pizza Crust, Tortilla Chips, and most recently, the Pizza Crust. They are all ready to eat and shelf-stable. For the flatbreads, heat them up in their packs and fill with your favourite ingredients or dips before eating them.

(L-R): Sazzy Falak (TV anchor and fashionpreneur), Aishah Siclair (Radio announcer & TV host), Indra Balaratnam (Consultant Dietician) and Constantino Flores (Vice President of Operations, Mission Foods Asia)

(L-R): Sazzy Falak (TV anchor and fashionpreneur), Aishah Siclair (Radio announcer & TV host), Indra Balaratnam (Consultant Dietician) and Constantino Flores (Vice President of Operations, Mission Foods Asia) showing off their healthy bento creations and the latest Mission Food product – Pizza Crust



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