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Headache? There’s an (essential) oil for that!

A headache has a way of just ruining your day! From mild dull aches to severe pounding migraines, when your head aches, it just feels so mentally crippling! You can’t think, can’t eat, can’t sleep, and are just desperate for relief! Who relates to this? If you do, what’s your best remedy other than meds? We feel that staying hydrated, eating regularly and in time, getting enough sleep and keeping your stress levels in check are great ways to ease headaches away, or if you’re lucky, they may even help to eliminate the ache naturally. But, you know what helps too? Essential oils!

Naturally relieving, essential oils are the volatile oils extracted from plants. They are used in aromatherapy to bring relief to a number of ailments, uplift moods, cleanse one’s mental energy, heal wounds, and much more. A word of warning though – when it comes to scents, it can be sensitive to certain individuals, and what works for a person, may not work the same for another. This is especially so when it comes to headaches, for we become more sensitive when our head is in pain. However, for many individuals, exposure to certain scents can be greatly relieving and relaxing.

The following are a few types of headaches, and the recommended essential oils, as well as combinations of oils that have been found to bring fast relief for headaches.

If you’re a first-time user of essential oils
If you have skin sensitivity, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor or dermatologist before using essential oils on your skin. Generally, it is also not advisable to apply essential oils undiluted onto your skin – always dilute it with a little carrier oil – jojoba is one of the best for this purpose.

Tension Headache: Peppermint To The Rescue
If you have been under pressure at home or at work to the point of getting a headache, it is likely that you have what’s called tension headache. It normally feels like your head is tightening around your brain, as if it’s being clamped! You may find relief in peppermint essential oil. Apply 10 drops of peppermint essential oil which has been diluted with half a teaspoon of jojoba or sweet almond oil, and massage it onto your scalp, neck and shoulder. Also, try dropping a few drops of peppermint oil onto your pillow before you sleep to get a continuous whiff of relief for a few hours.

Stress Headache: Leave It Behind With Neroli
Actually, you may use any oil that you feel relaxes you, such as neroli, frankincense, eucalyptus, lavender, etc, or, a mixture of two to three soothing, calming oils. Stress headaches happen to all of us, and we each have our own response to certain scents when it comes to aromatherapy. The important thing is to know what relaxes you. For many people, citrus oils such as lemon, sweet orange or grapefruit may do the trick. Rub the oil or oils of your choice gently between the palms of your hand and inhale. Alternatively, you could place a few drops of your favourite relaxing oils onto a handkerchief, and inhale. Diffusing these oils nearby you as you take a nap may also help!

Migraine: Lead It Away With Lavender
Easily one of the world’s most loved, most used, most versatile and most relaxing essential oils, lavender has a way of altering not only your mood, but your pain level as well. It is a healing oil, inside and out. Inhaling it straight from the bottle is one way to help ease a migraine. You can also place it in a facial misting device and inhale it for 5-10 minutes. Another way it can help ease a migraine is by using it with unscented facial cream and massaging it onto your temple, forehead, jawline, and neck. The ratio of face cream to lavender essential oil can be 1 teaspoon to 1 drop.

These are also great for headaches
Rosemary essential oil: With its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, rosemary essential oil is useful as an instant pain reliever!

Chamomile essential oil: Relaxing and calming chamomile essential oil helps to ease muscle tension, and in turn, can be useful in easing tension headaches. Note: Pregnant women should refrain from using chamomile essential oil for it is linked to miscarriages.

Headache Caused By Dehydration: Peppermint And Citrus Custom Blend
How many times do we need to be reminded to drink enough water? If you happen to have a headache and have not been drinking enough water, then the first thing to do is to guzzle down a glass of water to replenish your body’s fluids. At the same time, try this: Place a few drops of peppermint essential oil and your choice of sweet citrus oil such as mandarin or sweet orange into a bowl of cold water. Soak a face towel in it, wring it out and place the wet towel onto your forehead as you lay back and relax for a bit.

Hormonal Headaches: Give Geranium A Try!
You don’t really have to have a headache to enjoy the lovely scent of geranium, but if you do happen to experience headaches caused by fluctuating hormones (i.e, a dip in estrogen levels right before your period), then it’s worth giving geranium a try. Its calming, soothing properties have been known to ease PMS, including headaches, in many women who have tried it. You can either massage some geranium essential oil diluted with a carrier oil onto your abdomen, or put a few drops into your bath water and soak in it for a while, or both!

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