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Hair SOS!

Although the tips and habit-changes on the previous pages can be very useful and easy to implement, what if they came too late for you? Hair problems can happen to anyone, but when you follow the right procedure your problems can be solved or minimised.

Hair loss

All of us lose around 100 strands of hair daily. This is completely normal and healthy, but when you lose more hair than that in a day, something could be wrong. Extreme hair loss is often a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle or deeper laid problems. There are hair care products in the market that claim to solve hair loss problems, but you have to be careful in trusting all of them. The best and healthiest way to solve your problem is to look for the causes of the loss and get to the root of the problem rather than trying every product you can find.

For instance, if your diet mainly consists of high fat, oily, fried foods and you know it’s not very healthy, change to a healthier alternative. It will benefit not only your hair but also your body. If you have lots of stress, find ways to cope, through meditation, exercise or even spending time in a hobby that relaxes you. If you’ve been ill and have been under medication, you need time to recover. When hair loss doesn’t stop after your changes, you should speak with your doctor.

Split ends

Unfortunately the problem of split ends cannot be solved. You can hide the dry ends by nourishing them regularly. Use a self-made or organic-based hair mask twice a week to give your hair extra nutrition. Besides that, make sure you always use a conditioner after you’ve washed your hair and brush or comb very carefully. A weekly oil treatment can also make your hair look healthier, but as mentioned before, these treatments will not solve the problem. The only way to get rid off split ends is to cut them off.

Breaking hair

The reason that your hair breaks easily is because the upper layer of your hair is damaged or it’s been stretched too much. So the way to fix it is to repair this upper layer. You can do this by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner for breaking hair frequently. Besides this, a weekly protein treatment can be very useful. A good protection is very important as well. So reduce the use of chemical shampoos and styling products and avoid the use of blow-dryers, straightening- and curling irons.


This is probably one of the most common hair problems. Although it is not painful or dangerous, it could be very annoying and embarrassing. Fortunately there are a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos on the market these days. You should look out for the natural ones with ingredients like sea salt and minerals, to prevent more damage on your scalp. You can also make your own shampoo or mask. (Apple cider) vinegar and lemon are commonly used products to fight dandruff. If the shampoos and masks aren’t working you should visit your physician to get professional advice.

Head lice

Lice are mainly found on children but they can cause extreme irritation to adults as well. Furthermore, they are very contagious. So when you discover lice on yourself or someone close to you, you should act quickly. The most common solution is to use special anti-lice shampoos but they are full of chemicals and very damaging to the hair.

The natural alternative is to get a fine-toothed comb which is much safer, healthier and sometimes even more effective since shampoos don’t always work. Wash your hair normally with shampoo and rinse. Add conditioner on your hair but don’t rinse it! Now comb your hair deeply and rinse your comb with hot water to remove the conditioner and the lice. Repeat until all the lice are out of your hair. You should redo this treatment daily for two weeks. After the first and the last treatment wash (or freeze) your clothes and linen to make sure there are no lice left in there and check the head of the affected person regularly to see if the lice are gone for good.

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