HomeBlogThe Hair Battle Is Over Thanks To Samsung VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with​ ​CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle​ ​Turbine

The Hair Battle Is Over Thanks To Samsung VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with​ ​CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle​ ​Turbine

The Hair Battle Is Over Thanks To Samsung VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with​ ​CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle​ ​Turbine

It is undeniable that while vacuuming is an essential part of house cleaning, it is also a daunting task — especially when the said household is full of human and pet hair that all too often gets tangled up in the vacuum cleaner’s brush. So when we had the opportunity to put ​SAMSUNG​’s ​VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with​ ​CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle Turbine to the test, we jumped at the chance and took it for a trial run. We were curious, how does the anti-tangle function work? Will it effectively and effortlessly pick up hair and dirt from the floor? ​ Here’s what we found.

Nifty Design

Upon unboxing the unit, we were immediately attracted by its modern, stylish and practical design. The matte black colour adds a certain class to this workhorse. We especially like the transparent and bagless dust bin that allows us to easily see when the bin is empty. The transparent dust bin also allows us to clearly see how the CycloneForce works. ​

No Tangles, Mom!

At first we were skeptical if the vacuum cleaner was able to suck all hair and dirt without leaving the brush or or air way tangled up with it. But it really did a great job out of that. The motor, which was strong and loud, was consistently sucking up every hair and dirt on the surface without a hiccup. And when we checked the brushes and air way, they were hair tangle-free!

This really saves time and effort to untangle the vacuum cleaner manually half-way through vacuuming the house.

Cleans All Surfaces

SAMSUNG​ ​VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with​ ​CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle​ ​Turbine​ is equipped with three types of brushes for different cleaning purposes. They worked brilliantly on pieces of paper, hair and dust on wooden surfaces, carpets and fabric.

All the brushes were easily assembled and disassembled. When we opened the dust bin, we were shocked to discover huge amounts of fine dirt from the carpet, even though it was being vacuumed daily by another brand of vacuum cleaner. Can we say, WOW?

Remote Controlled Vacuuming

Samsung truly cares for your comfort and convenience. The remote control function makes it a whizz to control the power of the motor suction and when to power the vacuum cleaner on and off. Imagine all that power at your finger tips. It’s truly a modernistic feature that we love. Plus your back will thank you for it.

Our Verdict

What can we say except SAMSUNG​ ​VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle​ ​Turbine​ makes us fall in love with vacuuming again. Well, at the very least, it made us look forward to vacuuming our houses. We love its powerful suction power, modernistic design and its remote control function. It has a solid, sturdy feel to it that reassures you that it can tackle any dirt or hair that comes its way.

The roaring sound of its motor makes it suitable for day time vacuuming but we find that it’s a small price to pay for such a powerful, sleek and lovely looking machine.

You can purchase SAMSUNG​ ​VC5100​ ​Canister​ ​with​ ​CycloneForce​ ​with​ ​Anti-Tangle​ ​Turbine​ ​for RM829 at any Samsung branches nationwide and also online. For more info, go to SAMSUNG‘s website.

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