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Giveaway Winners Announcement

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Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners!

Here are the list of our well-deserving winners and their prizes. Winners, kindly fill up your details in this Google Form so that we can arrange the delivery of the prizes to you.

Avene Giveaway Set Worth RM282 – XeraCalm Oil & XeraCalm Creme (Giveaway Ended: 5 Sept)

Avene Giveaway Set

Winner: Lilian Chen

Winning entry:

Lilian Chen entry

Giveaway Ended 7 Sept:

Pigeon worth RM85:

Winner: Yunn Looi Wong (for review with photo)


QV Baby Set worth RM192

Winner: Nirmala Krishnan (for most comprehensive review)


Mosiguard Set worth RM94

Winner: Devadasan Manickam (for a comprehensive review)


Johnson’s set worth RM60

Winner: Noor Rashedah Mustaffa (Special mention: for most creative entry, lovely poem!)


Bausch + Lomb Giveaway set worth RM184

Winner: Emmy Sow


Baby Organix Giveaway set worth RM98

Winner: Nur Suraya


Mustela Giveaway set worth RM205

Winner: Nadzatul Najwa (great sharing from personal experience)


ANGE Giveaway set worth RM108

Winner: Watie Allie


Giveway Ended 10 Sept:

Suppori Compact Baby Sling worth RM189

Winner: Xaxa Axra


Baby Organix Giveaway set worth RM120

Winner: Winnie Pang


Carrie Junior Giveaway set worth RM58

Winner: Ruth John (for most comprehensive review)


Malish Breast pump worth RM499

Winner: Rainie Pang (for most Plus comprehensive reviews)

Lucky Baby Giveaway set worth RM52

Winner: Noor Rashedah Mustaffa (for most Plus comprehensive reviews)

*** UPDATES***
Claire Organics Giveaway set worth RM94:

Winner: Eirene Ly

Baby Organix Giveaway set worth RM111:

Winner: Noor Rashdah Mustaffa

Mustela Giveaway set worth RM148

Winner: Verzonsky Tan for comprehensive reviews

Clearblue Giveaway Set Worth RM157

Winner: Cloe Pang

BabyOrganix Naturally Kinder Giveaway set worth RM110

Winner: Vanessa Foo for photo review on fb

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