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Get Busy With Your Little Ones!

Children learn best through play. Loosen up, roll up your sleeves and have pure fun with your child through these simple yet engaging activities.


Tap Tiny Feet

Place your baby on his back on a playmat. Tap the bottom of your baby’s feet gently to the rhythm of a song you are singing. We like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Old MacDonald.

3 – 6 MONTHS

Fly Baby Fly!

Sit face-to-face with your baby by placing your hands firmly under his arms to support his body. Tell your baby, “Are you ready to fly? Here we go. One, two, threeeee!” Roll back until you are lying flat on your back with your baby above you. Say “Fly baby fly!” Your baby enjoy the drastic movement and anticipation.

6 – 9 MONTHS

Where’s Teddy?

Hide your baby’s favourite toy in a room of the house and carry your baby from room to room saying “Where’s teddy? Is it in the bedroom?” and keep looking until you find it.

9 – 12 MONTHS

Splish Splosh

Fill a low, wide container with ¼ water and place it on the ground. Float small objects such as flowers or corks in the water and let your baby reach and splash. Don’t forget to supervise.

12 – 18 MONTHS

Stack and Nest

Have your child build towers from plastic cups or nest boxes of varying sizes inside each other.

18 – 24 MONTHS

Dress Me Up!

Play dress-ups with your child by providing a full-length mirror and an assortment of old clothes such as shirts, hats, belts, scarves, socks and shoes.

24 – 30 MONTHS

Perfect Puzzle

Stick a picture from a magazine onto a piece of cardboard. Cut the picture into a few pieces. Help your child to put the pieces back together again to make the picture.

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