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Fuss-free 100 Days & Full Moon Celebrations

Popular among Chinese, Japanese and Korean families, the Full Moon and 100 Days celebrations are traditional customs much similar to one another and they mark the end of the vulnerable period of both a new mom and her baby. These celebrations stem from ancestral times when it was a great blessing for a baby to survive the first few months of life. The celebrations also signify the welcoming of a new family member and yes, as with all happy occasions, a celebration is in order!

Traditional aspects

According to traditional customs, the family will offer prayers (which include food offerings and incense-burning) to their Gods, ancestors and protectors of their home as an act to inform the deities of this new addition to the family as well as to seek their protection for the little one.

The baby’s head may be shaved, or a lock of hair snipped, symbolically signifying good health, happiness and success for the baby. After a special bath using pomelo leaves to ward off evil and misfortunes, both mom and baby are typically expected to be dressed in red and be adorned with gold.

Once the family has gone through the traditional formalities, it’s time to celebrate the auspicious event.

Booking a party venue

If a home-based celebration is not your cup of tea, then you’d have to think of where you’d like to hold your party. You’d be surprised at the number of great venues available for celebrating such auspicious events!

Either from word of mouth or by your own experience, you’re likely to know a number of places that might be fun to have a celebration at. Alternately, if you wish to have complete information in terms of venues, packages and suitability at your fingertips, and wish to have a party with minimal fuss on your part, Smart Kids Workd suggests going to www.vmo.rocks for the pick of the crop in venues and great deals!

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The site is welcoming to the eye and incredibly user-friendly, so instead of stressing out on where to to hold your upcoming celebration, you’ll be looking forward to it instead!

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Booking a food caterer for your party

If you however, plan to hold your celebration at home, chances are you’ll be in want of a good caterer, for let’s face it, while feeding one’s guests can be a gratifying affair, not every parent is up for a whole afternoon of slaving away in the kitchen!

Fortunately, there are countless catering services around which offer all sorts of delicious party food. To enrich the experience of looking for the best choices in party foods, we recommend browsing through www.feedmyguest.com for a wide range of catering services for your upcoming celebration.

FeedMyGuest is the largest online catering marketplace in the country where you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of party food caterers!

All you have to do is to have a basic idea of what kind of fare you wish to serve. Having said that, it’s all too easy to change your mind and go other (just as delicious) directions in food as you surf the site and check out dozens of caterers to choose from!

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