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Fujifilm Goes Stylish With New Analog Instax Square SQ6

Fujifilm Malaysia has launched the Instax Square SQ6, the first analogue instax camera in Fujifilm’s wide range of instant cameras to meet the growing demand for square format films, especially among the younger generation. The new instant camera is designed to be users’ stylish companion for every occasion and it has various shooting functions with a simple yet trendy design that aims to bring stunning and artistic photos to life on the spot wherever and whenever.

The all-new SQ6 from Fujifilm also unveiled the “Black” frame for solid colour square film which enables users to enjoy shooting in a square format that emphasises the vividness and contrast of the photos. This allows more of the background and atmosphere to be featured in the images with wider range compared to the card-sized mini film. The SQ6 also enables users to create wonderful photos by utilising the 1-to-1 aspect ratio.

Retro and cool look


With a more retro and cool look, the instax square format prints offer users an expressive way to capture timeless memories and create artistic prints with touches of vintage elegance. The instax square format prints are a hit among the young as they can have fun exploring their imagination and unleash their creativity.

The SQ6 has a variety of functions that can be used in any situation. The camera has an automatic exposure adjustment function that is activated when the shutter button is pressed. It detects the ambient brightness and adjusts to provide the optimum shutter speed and flash light intensity. Even in a dark room, subjects and the background can be shot vividly and clearly.

Meanwhile, selfie lovers can simply set the camera to selfie-mode and the settings will be adjusted to the optimum focus and brightness. There is also a self-shot mirror attached to the side of the lens allowing users to check the shooting range. Tripod holes in the bottom of the main unit and a timer can be also useful for group photos. Furthermore, the camera has three modes to cover every situation, namely the “Double Exposure Mode” which allows two photos to be overlapped on a single film when the shutter button is pressed twice, the “Macro Mode” that can take short-range photos up to a minimum of 30cm, and the “Landscape Mode” which can be used to take long-range landscape photos.

The SQ6 also includes three flash colour filters (orange/purple/green) that once placed over the flash will change the colour of the overall photo, allowing users to achieve a more unique and textured photo. With a simple yet stylish design, the SQ6 allows users to choose the variant that suits their style and fashion.

Stylish and elegant with blush gold Instax Square SQ6

It is available in three colours including pearl white to suit any style, blush gold for an elegant touch and graphite gray for a cool and calm feel. The ring around the lens has a metallic finish and is matched to the colour of the main unit. The knurled (the small ridges and grooves on the surface of the camera) surface not only makes SQ6 easy to hold but is also a great part of the design.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

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