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FREE Online Self Development Programme for Teens from Mindvalley Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Programme for Teens from Mindvalley

Do you have teens at home feeling lost at what to do with the schools still closed? Or are you a teenager looking for something productive to do with all this time you have in your hands?

Well, Mindvalley is here to offer a teen-tailored online programme and it’s absolutely free, beginning 29th April. The 10-day free programme, known as “Be Extraordinary for Teens, will take teenagers on a deep dive journey to find their life purpose. During the course, they will explore meditation, goal setting and life planning, and learn how to develop self-esteem and a deep connection with their life purpose. The programme provides mentorship and guidance for them to achieve their goals and ‘be their best’, even at a young age in both their personal and academic lives.

Who or What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley, the world’s leading online personal growth company is laser-focused on transforming the education system for all ages. In 2019 alone, Mindvalley attracted more than half-a-million students who took a Mindvalley course online. Over 12 million people from 195 countries worldwide follow Mindvalley’s programmes and social content on a daily basis for life-changing tips and advice. The ultimate goal for them is not in obtaining an educational degree, but in achieving a better version of themselves whilst doing good for the world and the human race.

Malaysian-born Vishen Lakhiani founded Mindvalley with a vision to elevate human consciousness through personal growth education. Over the years, Mindvalley has built a global reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the field of transformational education, teaching millions of people the skills that were forgotten in the conventional education system. In 2016, the ‘Quest’ learning platform was created to shift the way we consume information and learn. The secret lies in micro-learning, behavioural design and community.

“Our current education model only tackles two of the 12 different dimensions of being human — schools don’t teach us how to live a happy and healthy life, love and believe in ourselves, or how to become a good contributing member of the human race. Instead, our education system is still centred around the concept of ‘survival’. If you want to raise extraordinary kids, you don’t raise them for survival anymore; you raise them to be the people who understand what it means to live an extraordinary life,” says Lakhiani.

“At Mindvalley, we don’t focus on what regular schools teach, We focus on what regular schools have forgotten. This is called transformational education and we are thrilled to launch this online so that all teens across the world can start now and truly become the future leader they want to be,” added Lakhiani.

What You’ll Learn From the Free Programme

Available globally, the programme aims to help young people discover what they want and how to get it and to develop the right mindset to pursue and achieve anything they set their mind to.

Some of the specific areas the program will help solve include:

  • Life purpose
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-identity
  • School performance
  • Hobbies & passions
  • Understanding one’s unique gifts & talents
  • Interpersonal relationships

Best of all, while the programme is designed to be experienced through daily micro-learning, and as a community – it’s also perfectly fine to also study the curriculum at your own pace.

And yes, if you get busy on some days, it’s okay to pick up where you left off. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing the entire process. When you enrol in any program the lessons are available to you for life. So take your time and enjoy the programme!

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