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For The Smooth, Hairless Skin Women Deserve

Musee Platinum Tokyo, Japan’s No. 1 Hair Removal Salon has now become our top choice too! With a total of 5 outlets in Malaysia, Musee is run by a team of friendly staff who are all fully trained and highly skilled. Operating here and managed from Japan, each Musee salon ensures the highest standard of service that keeps clients coming back to them for their hair-removal needs. The famous salon is renown for a list of winning points, among which is that has no extra/hidden charges or annual fees! A full consultation is required beforehand, so clients will always know what they’re getting in terms of treatments.

Pain-free Hair Removal

Musee’s one-of-a-kind S.S.C. (Smooth Skin Control) Hair Removal, an exciting new pain-free technology, has already been the buzz word for women everywhere. The exceptionally gentle treatment uses a specially formulated gel which is activated when exposed to beams of filtered light for a softer, smoother finish.

How S.S.C. works:

  1. A specially-formulated gel is applied to the skin and light will be flashed onto the treated area.
  2. The gel will be wiped away and a cooling pad will be placed on the treated skin to soothe it.
  3. A post-treatment moisturizing essence will be applied to soothe the skin.
  4. The hair will fall out of its root in two weeks.
  5. Over the course of treatments, your skin will be smoother and unblemished.

The S.S.C. hair removal treatment gives minimal to no discomfort at all. It is also more gentle to the skin than self-treatment methods such as shaving, plucking and waxing. Your skin structure will not be damaged, in fact, the skin will feel smooth thanks to Musee’s moisturising essence. Your first consultation will take about an hour. Treatment for underarms only takes about 3 minutes; it really is that fast!

Great For Busy Women

The Musee Express, launched in June last year, has also been a hit among women with tight schedules, who can now enjoy high-quality hair removal treatment in a shorter period of time! Musee is confident enough to declare that a refund on remaining sessions will be given if a client can provide proper reasons for being dissatisfied with their treatment.

Best of all, you can be assured that you will not be pressured into signing up for other services. You really can enjoy your pain-free hair removal session in total peace and comfort!

It is no wonder that Musee is a clear winner in the Natural Health Reader’s Choice 2019 Awards in the Hair Removal Salon category.

For more information, visit www.musee-my.com/treatment and www.facebook.com/MuseePlatinumTokyoMalaysia.

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