Experience a Pain-Free & Active Lifestyle with BENPHYSIO
Experience a Pain-Free & Active Lifestyle with BENPHYSIO
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Experience a Pain-Free & Active Lifestyle with BENPHYSIO

BENPHYSIO is a Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, and Sports Medicine clinic that serves the Klang Valley community. Based in Oval Damansara with branches in Bangsar, Puchong and Jalan Ampang, the clinic will expand beyond the KL borders in 2023 to cater to more Malaysians. BENPHYSIO focuses on accurate diagnosis, hands-on physiotherapy, guided exercise, and dry needling.

“Hands-on” or “Manual Therapy” is a Physiotherapy technique that has been used for decades and is the foundation of Physiotherapy treatment. It employs a variety of manual techniques to promote healing and alleviate discomfort. The objective of “Hands-on” treatment is to evaluate and diagnose the effect that joints and muscles have on a condition, and how these limitations can be altered through manual techniques. Knowing the mechanism of injury can significantly reduce the recurrence of injuries.

BENPHYSIO’s trained and experienced physiotherapists will be able to identify the primary cause of your injury and its subsequent effects through a comprehensive evaluation. This is then followed by the appropriate hands-on technique, including Joint Mobilisation/manipulation of the spine or joints. This means that the joint is moved in various directions by the physiotherapist’s hands in order to achieve full range of motion and pain relief.

Soft tissue massage/manipulation or Myofascial Release is a well-known hands-on technique that employs various styles, pressure, orientation, and direction to release or stretch a muscle, thereby relieving spasm, tension, or tightness. The physiotherapist will use their hands to sense what the muscles are doing and how the condition may be affected.

Healing and Pain Relief for Sports Enthusiasts

Active and athletic individuals can visit BENPHYSIO for a sports massage before and after sporting events, or whenever they want their muscles to perform optimally and avoid injury.

A sports massage enables your muscles, tendons, and joints to move through their optimal range of motion and maintain peak physical condition. Numerous injuries are caused by overstraining tense muscles, which results in muscle tear, pain, and inflammation.

The pre-race massage will stimulate your musculature, while the post-race massage is more of a cool-down/recovery massage. This is reliant on the demands of your training intensity, among other factors.

BENPHYSIO also offers kinesiotaping, which is the strategic application of therapeutic tape to the body to provide support, reduce pain and swelling, and enhance performance. It is a well-known technique widely employed in sports.

Through the release of muscle tension, sports massage seeks to enhance post-game/activity recovery. However, sports massage does not correct or identify the underlying cause of injuries. As such, it is always good to get a thorough physiotherapy assessment regularly in addition to sports massage for optimum health and wellbeing.

Visiting BENPHYSIO is not just about treating an existing condition but also about taking proactive steps towards a healthier, pain-free life. With its focus on hands-on physiotherapy and guided therapeutic exercises prescribed to clients, the clinic empowers clients to take control of their health and achieve their fitness goals.

For more information, visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

BENPHYSIO is the Natural Health Readers’ Choice Award 2022 winner in the Hands-On Physiotherapy category.

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