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Excitement and Fun @ Theme Parks

Theme parks can hardly ever go out of style! With a vast collection of fun-filled rides, shows, activities and not forgetting the variety of foods and drinks available, theme parks have something to offer for everyone.

We are fortunate that Malaysia has an astounding number of theme parks all over the country offering everything from refreshing water rides to heart-stopping drops on roller coasters! Theme parks provide endless adventure, fun and memories for families to enjoy, but did you know that visits to theme parks also upkeeps your health in more ways than one? Read on… .

Work up a sweat without realizing it

Contrary to being called a park (which often evokes small quaint images of soft grass and park benches), theme parks cover vast areas some up to dozens of square miles! Because they can be so large, a lot of walking is involved in visiting a theme park.

A typical visit often involves backtracking and zigzagging to get from one ride or show to another, and depending on the size of the park, you should expect to walk an average of 5 to 10 miles. This will help you burn as much calories as you would during a good gym workout!

Did you know?

Though it seems like the most you do on a roller coaster is sit and scream your lungs out, you actually do burn calories with the rise in your heartbeat rate while on those rides. Your body ends up burning calories when you grip really hard on the handrail and your muscles tense up as your body is thrown around. You are doing the same things you would do if you were exercising in the gym! Now, how’s that for a fun way to burn off fat!

Relieves stress

Heart-racing rides expose us to “good fear”. Despite the plummeting drops, heart-stopping twists and nauseatingly sharp turns, our brains perceive them to be “safe” and “predictable” – so riding them becomes therapeutic, especially as we scream out our anxieties!

Improves mood

The intense adrenaline rush after a crazy roller coaster ride will leave you feeling excited and happy. It also provides the same kind of natural high that you get from strenuous physical exercise and this nourishes your “feel good” emotions.

The more exciting the ride is, the more endorphins are released! The increased endorphin in your system helps to energise your spirits! While 20 stories up in the air all your other worries seem so small. So, in a way, being in a theme park lets you escape your day-to-day worries.

Tones the muscles

As you’re thrown around its corners and forced down hundred-foot drops, in a split second you decide whether or not to clutch the handrail in front of you or throw your arms up into the air.

At this point, your muscles tighten, especially your core as you anticipate the turns and drops of the ride, working out some of the muscles you would typically be working out at the gym.

Overcome your fears

If you dislike thrill rides or large crowds, theme parks may not seem like the most pleasurable activity to partake in. On the other hand however, stress and fear can harm the immune system. So, what better way to conquer these fears than by releasing them on a scary ride at an amusement park! Plunging headlong into a crowd eagerly waiting for their turn on a roller coaster can also foster confidence and improve self-esteem, which in turn helps you to enjoy life unhindered.

Fosters bonding with family and friends

What better way to have fun at an adventure park than to enjoy it with friends and family? Having an adventure is a great way to spend time with your loved ones while ensuring everyone is having a fun time.

So, if you have not tried it yet, go ahead and plan a getaway from the humdrum of everyday life for your family and yourself!

Great way to socialize

Enjoying a day at a theme park can provide you with the opportunity to get to know people. Theme park environments are casual and fun, making it easier to strike up conversations with people.

Even if you’re going with people you are familiar with, like family and close friends, both adults and kids can interact. Kids can learn how to interact with adults and vice versa.

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