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Enrichment Classes: A Trend or a Necessity?

Children are naturally inquisitive about everything they see. When provided with the opportunity to learn, coupled with some teaching skills on the part of well-trained teachers who know how to make use of young kids’ easily teachable minds, wonders take place!

Little ones have brains that naturally absorb information much faster than older kids and adults. This is one of the reasons why it’s highly encouraged that parents enroll their little ones in preschool from a very young age. However, apart from pre-school, there are also various enrichment centres that cater to young children’s early development. Get to know their benefits to your little one!

Why should you?

On one hand, parents are making the right decision to send their children to preschool from a very young age because they are aware of the fact that a child’s brain is going through rapid growth at that point in time and can absorb loads of new information. Still, education is not the only thing you should focus on. Now would also be the perfect time to bring out the best in your child — a talent or skill that will enrich their lives and bring new meaning to their world.

Think enrichment centres, the new frontier in early childhood development! They offer informal learning through fun activities such as storytelling, arts & crafts, singing and dancing alongside other activities that help in the development of a child’s mind.

Which one should you choose?

There are many types of classes to choose from, so your job as a parent is to choose something you believe would help in the development of your child.

Enrichment programmes are divided into two categories; academic and additional curricular. Academic enrichment programs offer classes for English as well as other languages such as Arabic, French, Japanese and Mandarin, as well as Mathematics and Science classes. The additional curricular programme consists of classes such as music, arts & crafts, theatre, culinary, public speaking, yoga, swimming, etc. There are even enrichment classes that are offered to babies as young as six months! In any case, involve your child in your decision — Choose a programme that would suit your child’s personality and natural talents.

Benefits of enrolling your child in an enrichment class include:

Enhances communication skills — Children as young as the age of two are able to speak faster as enrichment classes allow them to interact with other kids as well as adults.

Enhances language skills — Enrichment classes enable young children to pick up a new language early in life. Children absorb new words faster at a young age so do not be surprised if your child starts speaking a third language fluently in no time.

Won’t clash with academic classes — Parents who have already enrolled their children in a preschool need not worry about enrichment classes interrupting their little one’s study time for there are weekly/weekend classes available.

Explore their talents — Does your child take to scribbling all over the walls in your house? Enrichment programmes such as art classes will help such children dig deeper into their talent and execute them in ways that would help them grow. This would encourage them to pursue their talents in a positive and proactive manner.

Keep track on your child’s development — Educators at enrichment centres note the progresses that children make and parents will be updated on their child’s development all the way.

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