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Enjoy Head to Toe Pampering With EUBOS!

Head to toe pampering is made possible and convenient with EUBOS’ online shop – eubosonline.com. Imagine enjoying soft lustrous hair, smooth silky skin and deep moisturisation right to the soles of your feet every single day. Your body deserves to be treasured and EUBOS provides gentle, mild and effective ways to do so:


EUBOS 5% Urea Shampoo

Are you still using a normal shampoo or harsh soap on your hair? This could be exacerbating your condition. For all you know a simple solution can be seen with just a switch on how you wash your scalp. A pH balanced shampoo can help to protect your scalp’s natural oils and re-balance the sebum. EUBOS 5% Urea Shampoo is a particularly mild care shampoo with Panthenol, Oligofructose, sea minerals and skin related lipids (derived from sunfl ower) to provide cleansing for dry, itching scalp and hair requiring special attention. It protects from hair drying-out, alleviates itching and improves luster and comb-ability. EUBOS 5% Urea Shampoo is Perfume-free, Colourant-free, Alkali-free, Paraben-free and is Dermatological tested to give deep hydration and mosturisation throughout the day.
So make a change to EUBOS 5% Urea Shampoo today and say goodbye to dry, itchy scalp forever.

EUBOS 5% Urea Shampoo, RM28.00, available at eubosonline.com.

EUBOS Anti-Dandruff Care Shampoo

EUBOS Anti-Dandruff Care Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo that offers effective solution to the problem of dandruff while gently cares for the skin. It treats even the most severe cases of dandruff quickly and effectively, by combining active soothing and purifying ingredients to relieve serious scalp itchiness while effectively eliminating and preventing the reoccurrence of dandruff. EUBOS Anti-Dandruff Care Shampoo has neutral pH, without  colourings and alkalis.

EUBOS Anti-Dandruff Care Shampoo, RM24.90, available at eubosonline.com.


EUBOS Urea 5% Face Cream

Urea has many wonderful benefits. It is extremely hydrating and moisturising and really helps bring relief to dry skin. It is a natural skin moisturiser. Urea has an outstanding cleansing ability function. Thanks to its powerful hydrating properties, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic. EUBOS Urea 5% Face Cream is great for dry, rough and taut skin. Pleasantly light, it is a quickly absorbable emulsion with 5% urea, macadamia nut oil and allantoin. It provides intensive moisture, strengthens the natural protective barrier, reduces tautness and smooths skin perceptibly. EUBOS Urea 5% Face Cream is compatible with make-up and is free from perfume, paraben, colorant and alkaline soap.

EUBOS Urea 5% Face Cream, RM65.00, available at eubosonline.com.

eubos cream jar

EUBOS Intensive Care Cream

EUBOS Intensive Care Cream’s water-in-oil emulsion provides resistance against your delicate skin from drying out. It contains a high content of choice vegetable oil, fatty acids and vitamin E which helps maintain smooth and supple skin. It also enhances skin elasticity and maintains a healthy skin tone while offering protection against harmful environmental influences. This is a high quality dermological-tested skin care product the whole family can enjoy!

EUBOS Intensive Care Cream, RM36.30, available at eubosonline.com.


EUBOS UREA 5% Hand Cream

EUBOS UREA 5% Hand Cream is an effective protection and basic care formulation for hands under stress, and is an
intensively moisturising care for very dry, rough and chapped hands. It is rapidly absorbed and does not cause “greasy fingers”. It promotes skin regeneration and protects the skin from harmful substances, such as soaps, detergents, chlorine and chemicals.
The specific composition of urea offers prolonged hydration, while restoring valuable components of the lipids of the skin and soothes irritated and stretched skin – ideal to keep rough hands perceptibly healthy and smoother. Being water repellent, it protects your hands like a pair of invisible gloves. What’s more, it also can be used to soften dry cracked and rough skin of the sole and toes.
The unique combination of vita min E, panthenol, allantoinand vitamin niacin contribute to the regeneration and
reconstruction of the skin. It is free from emulsion, perfume, colourant and lanolin. Just a few applications are suffi cient to safeguard the skin and obtain softness and elasticity to have a youthful appearance.

EUBOS UREA 5% Hand Cream, RM30.00, available at eubosonline.com.


eubos cream bath oil

EUBOS Cream Bath Oil

It cleanses. It protects. EUBOS Cream Bath Oil is an alkali-and-soap free, neutral pH, synthetic detergent-lipid combination that provides gentle cleansing, and care for your baby. It is formulated with a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Camomile extract with Bisabolol, leaving a smooth and supple feeling on your baby’s skin. EUBOS Bath Oil is an ideal replacement for soap because its mild cleansing effect won’t disturb the natural biosphere (protective layer) of your baby’s skin like conventional soaps do. It also relieves dry skin that itches
and tightens your child’s sensitive skin. What’s more, EUBOS Cream Bath Oil provides gentle cleansing and
good hygiene help relieve dry, scaly, stressed and sensitive skin for mothers too.

EUBOS Cream Bath Oil, RM35.00, available from eubosonline.com.


EUBOS Sensitive Shower Oil F

Dermatologically proven mild cleansing and care for sensitive skin EUBOS Sensitive Shower Oil contains natural oils and Chamomile extracts which are dermatologically proven to ensure very mild cleansing and care for sensitive, very dry skin and even for those suffering from eczema. It mildly cleanses while intensively replenishes lipids to protect the natural biosphere of the skin from head to toe. A pH neutral cleanser that is free from alkali, soap, dyes & preservatives, EUBOSSensitive Shower Oil is particularly suited for sensitive skin, and highly recommended by
dermatologists. For maximum benefits, use daily to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

EUBOS Sensitive Shower Oil F, RM36.50, available from eubosonline.com.

eubos haut ruhe lotion

EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion

Babies and young children have such vulnerable skin which is found to easily dry out or break out in rashes due to a number of factors.  For parents who have tried EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion however, the search for the ideal product to treat their little ones’ dry and sensitive skin has ended with much satisfaction! The highly nurturing make up of this skin-loving product contains specific active agents to address the needs of dryness-prone areas of the skin and also the vulnerable nappy-areas of babies and toddlers too. The effective ingredients include 6% Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and extract from St.John’s wort. This easily spreadable lotion works wonders to prevent skin redness and alleviate existing irritations. EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion increases the moisture content significantly and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier. It alleviates itching and has a soothing effect. The compatibility and efficacy of EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion has been dermatologically confirmed so parents can use it with confidence!

EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion, RM48.00, available at eubosonline.com.

Genital Area

EUBOS Feminin Washing Emulsion

EUBOS Feminin Washing Emulsion contains hydrolysed milk and wheat proteins to maintain skin moisture content
while Lactic acid provides the ideal slightly acidic environment to support the natural acidic biosphere of
the vagina. Feel fresh all day with this feminine wash! Free from soaps, alkali, alcohol, dyes, preservatives, and colouring, dermatologically tested and suitable for women of all ages.

EUBOS Feminin Washing Emulsion, RM30.50, available at eubosonline.com.



EUBOS Urea 10% Foot Cream

EUBOS Urea 10% Foot Cream contains a unique composition specially enriched with urea for as an intensive care for
extremely dry, rough and chapped feet, pressure sore, calluses and fissures. Dry skin often indicates a deficiency in lipids, particularly urea, a natural moisturising factor. It your skin lack urea, this may consequently cause a further drying in the upper layers of skin on your feet. EUBOS Urea 10% Foot Cream supplies significant binding agent of urea and moisture to substantially increase skin hydration, while simultaneously smoothes the upper layers of the skin and enhances its renewal. It loosens superficial skin scales as well as rough calluses and prevents their new formation. Allantoin, moisturising lactate, lactic acid and a special lipid combination with precious macadamia nut oil and glycerol make the skin smooth and soft. EUBOS Urea 10% Foot Cream is suitable as an accompanying
treatment for diabetic patients, and is especially recommended for diabetes foot care, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Pleasantly light, rapidly absorbable EUBOS Urea 10% Foot Cream is as hardworking as your feet.

EUBOS Urea 10% Foot Cream, RM28.00, available at eubosonline.com.

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