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Driving Children to be the Best Version of Themselves

Who doesn’t enjoy watching gymnasts in action? Be it in real life, or through the telly or our digital screens, it is exceptionally endearing to witness such strength and flexibility in these athletes’ bodies, which must have taken a lot of effort, dedication and sacrifice. Kids’ gymnastics is no less exciting, due to the fact that these young sportspeople have mastered their skills to the point of being qualified to perform (and compete) in public for us all!

While kids’ gymnastics has always been a popular sport to watch, not that many young ones actually take it on. Well, we can fully understand why, for it does seem to be quite a feat to be able to bend, twist and turn one’s body like gymnasts often do, and not to mention, the ability to work as a team to perform coordinated continuous movement that test not only their flexibility but also elements like speed, strength balance, coordination and a sense of rhythm! As intimidating as all of this may sound, Kickstart Gymnastics, a well-respected Gymnastics class provider in Malaysia, has made its name in successfully training, developing and nurturing children in their journey of reaching their true potential in this beautiful sport of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

As the basis of kids’personal development training, the coaches of Kickstart Gymnastics instill in their young students a positive growth mindset which will help bring them far in this quest for success in the sport. When kids aspire to emerge as the best version of themselves, they will naturally appreciate the experience as well as the uniqueness of getting to excel not only in gymnastics but in life as well.

Kickstart Gymnastics offers progressive, structured programmes for both recreational and competitive purposes, hence by building and developing their true potentials, children are being also exposed to opportunities for performances and competitions. The centre also owns a class management app aimed at easing parents’ tasks of checking their children’s schedules, requesting for a replacement class, receiving announcements as well as receiving their children’s progress reports, etc.

Programmes Available:

Tiny Tots (4 & 5 years); General Gymnastics (6 to 12 years); and Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG). Online gymnastics classes for both beginners and experienced gymnasts are also available.

Apart from the carefully structured programmes which train children and bring out their potential in gymnastics, parents have also found themselves much at ease with Kickstart Gymnastics’ location, which is in Ampang, specifically at Kompleks D’Star Arena, a family-oriented sports complex where you’ll also find other convenient amenities such as a cafe, gym, badminton court, etc. The fact that their children are being trained in a conducive space which is clean and safe only adds to its already high appeal as a gymnastics class for kids.

Kickstart Gymnastics – for the motivation kids need to push themselves to reach their personal excellence!

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