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Are dads more entitled to a good, uninterrupted night of sleep?

We ask, is the graveyard shift solely a mum’s responsibility?


Parenting is a 50/50 job

For the first few months, he helped a lot during the graveyard shifts, including tracking the diaper change time! As I breastfed directly at night, he would burp our son after feed. Only when burping was no longer needed, he got back his peaceful sleep. – Wye Ee

My husband takes over the night shift but lucky for him, my girl slept through the night since two months old. Plus, he works from home. – Alesia Sim

We take turns for each alternate days. One day, I will sleep with my six year-old while he sleeps with the baby. The next day, it’s his turn to sleep with my daughter and I sleep with the baby. – Nicole Lee

Since day one until now, my husband prepares the milk while I soothe our baby. We take turns to feed. Although he works long hours and I’m a stay-at-home mum, he still helps out. – Emily Chew


My child needs me/dads need energy for work

I’m breastfeeding, and was breastfeeding my first daughter until about two years old, so my husband never really needed to help with the night shift. He’s lucky! – Vivian Foo

My husband was very helpful during the early months. Thankfully Tristan slept through the night quite early on too. But now, even if he wakes up, daddy is no longer useful since he only wants mummy. If I send daddy in, he will end up crying even louder. – Lillian Danielle Khoo

I let my husband sleep because I’d worry the next day about him being tired. I can nap during the day when my baby does but he can’t. – Nicole Tan

My husband works long hours and I would feel guilty waking him when he has to go work in the morning. But on weekends, he gives me a break by bringing our son for breakfast while I sleep in. – Christina Wong

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