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Crystal Therapy- Healing With Gemstones (Part 2)

If you think that crystals are nothing more than rock beneath our feet, you are wrong.

As modern medicine is failing to give the desired results to mankind, more and more people are now turning to alternative healing methods. One of them is via crystals or gemstones. This is because gemstones are showing therapeutic outcome on people seeking cure and balance to their body, mind and spirit. From ancient times, gemstones have been used as an option to medicine because they carry vibrational powers which can remove or alter our negative aura.

I have been personally working on crystals for several years now and I am amazed by the results they produce on its users and ailments. I found its benefits are subtle but its outcome is extraordinary and magical.

According to research, crystals help direct the flow of energy to an individual and bring balance to a person’s energy.

In short, it is ultimately used to cleanse a person from unseen negative energies that cause fatigue, low esteem, dullness, depression and illness. Besides health benefits, crystals can also be used for protection, for attracting virtues as well as talismans and amulets to bring about desired effects.

One of its strongest remedial strength is its powerful balance and restoration qualities to our seven chakra system or energy centres. Chakra healing is usually done by placing certain crystals according to the basic energy centres to enhance energy flow. Ideally, crystals should be worn as pendants or bracelets and it must touch our body and it will work instantly and effectively when it is in close contact with us. Crystals can also be placed next to your bed, work and study areas or in specific corners of the house to amplify positive energies.

While conventional medicine has it pros and cons, crystal therapy has proven to be another way of maintaining good health and speedy recovery. Among the many areas the use of crystals has been found to be effective is in interrupted sleep or trouble in sleeping. Sleep is extremely important in a person’s daily routine. It is vital to replenish energy and heal body cells. Sleep deprivation occurs due to excessive caffeine intake or stress. Prolonged sleep disorders can lead to various ailments including insomnia and delirium. One of the ideal stones in aiding healthy sleep patterns is Citrine. This golden stone facilitates good peaceful sleep.

As there are many crystals that you may feel you require; always choose the crystal that you most connected with.

Like I mentioned in my earlier article, one way to find this out is to place the stone on your right hand, with your left hand on top of it, and close your eyes for a few seconds.

If you feel you are fully connected to the crystal, you will experience a positive flow of energy and be in tune with the crystal’s power.

From my experience, I have been questioned on how effective crystal healing really is. The key is to have a clear and open mind towards the crystals as they work mystically.

Now let’s look at at how different gemstones play a role in maintaining health.

  • Sodalite: Regulate blood pressure
  • Bloodstone: Improve blood circulation and immunity
  • Clear Quartz: Remove fatigue and restore vitality
  • Smoky Quartz: Curb obsession and addictions
  • Tiger’s Eye: Ease anxiety, nervous and panic attacks
  • Moonstone: Remove fear and feeling unsafe
  • Sugilite: Remove anger, rage and temper
  • Green Aventurine: Eases emotional wounds
  • Rhodochrosite: Soothes grief and emotional breakdown
  • Garnet: Improve memory and free suppressed emotions
  • Jasper: Enhance confidence
  • Amethyst: Improve concentration, reduce hyperactivity
  • Rose quartz: Strengthen relationship and express feminine energy
  • Aquamarine: Uplift creative expression and remove mental blocks
  • Tourmaline: Aid detoxification and strengthen immunity
  • Lapis Lazuli: Alleviate insomnia, vertigo and protect from psychic attacks

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