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Creating A Spa Treatment For Your Precious Little One

We all know there are spa centres all over town that offer spa treatments for expectant and new moms, but there are not many that offer spa treatment for the little ones. That’s a shame though, for if you have visited a spa recently or do so often, you would know that the minute you enter it gives you a sense of calm. Why not create your own baby spa at home?

Imagine the air filled with the delicate scent of essential oils and soft, ambient music being played throughout your baby’s spa treatment. The whole experience becomes a multi-sensory one which will leave your baby feeling relaxed and loved. The benefits of baby massage and these multi-sensory stimulations for babies and children are endless. Here are some points for you to ponder.

Soft music helps
Music is a great way to connect with an individual. Music and rhythmic verbal sounds have an extremely powerful effect on the mind and body. Music creates a healthy and stimulating sound world and helps enhance a baby’s growth.

It would be great to play some music while gently massaging your baby. However, keep in mind that music played during a massage should be soft and calming. Usually, something that makes you feel relaxed would most likely make your baby feel relaxed as well.

Stimulating the sense of smell
The smell, more than any other sense, is intimately linked to the parts of the brain that process emotion and associative learning and aromatherapy has a long tradition of using scent to calm or stimulate the senses.
There are many massage oils that create a calming effect. If you’re massaging your baby at home, ensure that you use oils that are safe. Remember, the oil will probably get on her hand and go straight into her mouth.
It is best to avoid mineral oils or oils that come with artificial fragrance If budget allows – go for something organic and fragrance-free.

Stimulating the sense of touch
In the first eight weeks of a baby’s life, skin to skin contact is one of the most essential elements in ensuring a baby develops a healthy brain. Continuous contact between mother and baby will stimulate a baby’s brain in a healthy way.

Benefits for babies & children
Just like adults, most babies enjoy a good massage session as well, although for babies it will be much gentler. The benefits of regular baby spa treatments are as follows:

  • A profound way of creating a special bond with your baby
  • Provides comfort and assurance to your baby, who can see you, hear your voice and sense your touch
  • Great way to relieve and prevent infant colic
  • Improves your baby’s blood circulation
  • Each session releases endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller and a feel-good chemical
  • Helps baby learn to breathe deeper – allowing the baby to sleep soundly
  • Promotes sensory awareness as all senses are stimulated from a young age
  • Improves baby’s nervous system, allowing good communication of the brain and the body
  • Boosts new parents’ confidence in handling their baby
  • Helps premature babies and those with disabilities as it improves muscle tone and stimulates growth hormone

Most importantly, a baby spa treatment allows a special bonding session just between parents and baby. For new parents, this is the perfect way to reduce stress and bond with your baby. For experienced parents, if you find it hard to cope since there are other children to look out for – a spa session is perfect as it provides alone time with your new baby.

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