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Controlling Cortisol – the Dos and Don’ts

Controlling Cortisol

Cortisol can be managed through both supplements and diet, but the most important step in controlling this hormone is achieving a calm mental state and making healthy lifestyle changes.

In order to best control your cortisol, here is a list of do’s and don’ts.


  • Get at least 7+ hours of quality sleep each night.
  • Unplug all WiFi in your house each night, sleep far away from your mobile phone and computer, and make sure that your bedroom is completely dark.
  • Have a high-protein shake or meal within an hour or so after waking up.
  • Have a high-protein shake or meal within one hour after exercise.
  • Practice relaxation or meditation time regularly—especially as a positive ritual before sleep and upon waking up.
  • Smile more and play more. Go explore the outdoors and connect with nature more often. Socialise with positive people more often, and do more of what you love.


  • Don’t stay up late watching TV or using your computer.
  • Don’t skip breakfast (unless it is during a scheduled intermittent fasting period).
  • Don’t drink alcohol late into the night. If you do, be sure to hydrate with at least one litre of water, and eat a small meal containing protein with healthy fibres and fats before you go to sleep. If you have access to fresh coconut water, it’s a great idea to drink this as well.
  • Don’t hang out with negative people.
  • Don’t stay mad at yourself for more than a few minutes. Whatever it is, just let it go.
  • Don’t sweat the little stuff. Life is too short to allow stress to rule your life. Save your sweating for the weight room!


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