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Childproof Your Hotel Room

Vacationing with your family has got to be one of life’s prized blessings, for it spells fun times and great memories. When there are little children in the picture, safety measures have to be taken though to prevent possible hazards.

You may have taken all necessary measures to keep your child safe at home but in general, hotels and/or staycation apartments do not apply that same safety standards to their rooms. To ensure safety of young kids, especially toddlers during vacations, parents should take some steps in making sure that the accommodation is safe and child-proofed. Here are some pointers.

Survey the whole room or apartment

Make a quick survey of objects around the room or apartment. Remove or relocate fragile objects like flower vases and decor. If you have a crawling baby, get down on all fours and take a crawl ‘tour’ around the room to see what your baby might see at that eye-level, and remove all potentially dangerous objects.

Windows and doors

Lock all windows and doors, even those which open to balconies and patios.

If this can’t be done, then ask for a room without a balcony, or alternatively, you could try to book a room on the ground floor for safety. In any case, it’s always good to relocate furniture away from windows.

Note: Children have an affinity to doors. Protect those little fingers with the use of door jammers, which are absolutely child friendly and are easily available either online or in hardware stores. Also, deter your child from venturing out of the hotel room. Use doorknob covers to prevent them from opening the doors that you’d rather keep closed.

Furniture safety

Check the stability of the furniture in the room to avoid it from toppling over your child. Do a quick check of the furniture to locate rough edges, and if any, then ask for the furniture to be removed. If the job is too tedious or can’t be done, cover the edges with some sponge and duct tapes. Washrags or towels can also be used to cover sharp edges of tables and furniture to protect your child from injuries.

Bring your own (portable) crib!

If you’re wary of using the crib provided by the hotel, bring along a portable one. There are many good ones in the market today – These are quite lightweight and they even come in their own carry bag.

Prevent electrical hazards

Ensure electrical switches and plug outlets each have an automatic sliding latch or else seal off the electrical switches with tamper proof devices. A simple and cost-effective measure would be to simply cover the plug outlets with some handy duct tape. It’s best to unplug all electrical appliances and safely stack away remotes and other electrical appliances to avoid unnecessary usage or accidental electric shocks.

Bathroom hot water dangers

Tap water in many hotels can be very hot, so don’t ever leave a toddler unattended in a bathroom. If there is a bidet, turn the water off at the wall.

6 Safety points to keep in mind

  1. Pack childproofing material like door jammers, knob covers, tamper proof locks etc., along with your luggage.
  2. Do not forget to carry a roll of the essential duct tape.
  3. Carry sponge, wash rags or towels that act as a covering for furniture.
  4. Pack in a few cords to tie up loose curtain strings or electrical wires that could possibly result in strangling.
  5. Keep cosmetics, medicines and cleaners away from the reach of children.
  6. Bring along a first aid kit.

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