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Why Do Chefs Love Electric Pressure Cookers? Let’s Find Out!

Life could be a little crazy and normally women don’t have quite as much time to spend in the kitchen as they might like. Fortunately, there is a secret weapon that you can use to make awesome food with minimal effort. Yes, we are talking about electric pressure cookers and there’s an absolute reason why this kitchen appliance has become an object of obsession among modern housewives.  No wonder chefs completely love electric pressure cookers.

Do you know that averagely, women spend six hours in the kitchen every day on housework, including cleaning, vacuuming, food shopping and cooking? It’s tremendously tiring and the process won’t stop! We’re going to share complete tips about electric pressure cookers and some interesting recipes that you can try! Believe us, there is no better way to make a quick yet delicious dinner that tastes like you’ve spent all day cooking it.

Electric pressure cooker will change your life forever

Pressure cookers are getting popular among housewives, due to its practicality, save time, cost and energy. Maybe you’ve seen the old-style pressure cookers called stovetop used by the older generations where the design is same as a normal pot. Now there is a modern version, electric pressure cooker. Electric pressure cookers can make all kinds of meals and even replace several different appliances.

Pressure cookers use steam, heat, and pressure to cook food faster than the conventional method. Steam and heat combine under pressure to cook food in the range 250 degrees. Hence, it speeds up the cooking process. It can be challenging to use pressure cookers compared to slow cookers, but the result as in the taste is much better. Don’t be intimidated by the word pressure, it’s perfectly safe and easy to use even for amateurs.

5 ways on how electric pressure cooker benefits you

1. Save up your time by half or even more!

It’s everyone dreams to get dinner on the table in a snap of a finger. Well, electric pressure cooker couldn’t do that but, at least it can cook up to 70% faster than the conventional cooker. Impromptu visit from your mother- in-law? Worry not, cook faster with an electric pressure cooker and let her be amazed at your excellent skill.

2. Retain food nutrients

Do you know that the longer you boil the food, the more nutrients will strip from them? Since pressure cooker shorter cooking time, it helps in retaining the food nutrients as well as the taste.

3. Hassle free

Wanting to cook something special but it requires hours of preparation and cooking? You can make special meals that would normally save for weekends or special occasions! Less prep, less cooking, everything with an electric pressure cooker.

4. More space on your kitchen shelf

Living in a cramp closet size apartment with limited space in the kitchen? You don’t have to worry about storage anymore. Electric pressure cookers can substitute quite a number of kitchen appliances. And most importantly it’s not bulky.

5. Easy to clean and store

You don’t have to worry to disassemble everything and clean it one-by-one. You only need to take the pot and clean it! As long as the there is no splashing and boiling liquid spill over the pressure cooker, the cleaning process will be easy.

What can you cook using electric pressure cookers?

Tender rib steak? Aromatic steamed rice? Porridge? Chocolate cake? Everything can be done with electric pressure cookers! A large chunk of meats would take all day long in the slow cooker, with an electric pressure cooker it can be done in less than 90 minutes. Love baking but you always burn the cake? You can try baking a sinful chocolate cake by using electric pressure cookers! Cook anything with high pressure, low-pressure function, warm-reheat food, slow cook, steam and even fry.

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Recipes that you can try!

How to cook with an electric pressure cooker?

1. Liquid is the main ingredient

Pressure cookers cook quickly because they use the pressure created from the built-up, hot, trapped steam in the pot. In order to get the steam built-up, you need enough water to cook the food. Use at least one cup of cooking liquid and never overload the pressure cooker with liquid. If your food happens to excrete too much liquid, simply reduce the liquid until the desired consistency.

2. Adjust the pressure

The whole concept of pressure cookers is to cook the food by using hot, boiled and trapped steam making it cook by at least 25% faster. For best results, begin cooking under pressure over high heat. Once the pressure has reached the desired state, lower the heat to a low burner setting so that it will maintain the pressure without exceeding it.

3. Check the timing

Timing is important when it comes to electric pressure cookers. Be sure to set timer every time you use the pressure cooker. Normally electric pressure cookers come with a digital timer or even automatic timer so that you don’t have to worry if your meat is overcooked or still raw.

4. Chop the ingredients!

In order to get the best result, make sure you cut food into uniform shapes and sizes. Different sizes of ingredients probably will make the food undercook. Large pieces of ingredients for example meat will take considerably longer to cook. If the recipe including ingredients that require longer time together with delicate food such as tomatoes, make sure you chop it in the right size to maintain the texture as well as flavour.

The ultimate electric pressure cooker buying guide

Selecting a pressure cooker can be challenging if you have no idea what to look for. Here are a few things that your electric pressure cooker should have.

1. Manufacturer plays an important role

Choose a dependable manufacturer that you’re familiar with. It’s best not to purchase a pressure cooker from a “mysterious” brand name. During the life of a pressure cooker, some parts might get weary and need to be occasionally replaced. Hence, why you need to buy from the trusted manufacturer, so it would be easy to buy replacement parts and easily reachable. That should be your first consideration.

2. Built-in two functions: High and Low Pressure

It’s best to choose pressure cookers with two functions, high and low cooking pressures. Most of the electrical pressure cookers have a single pressure, which is high, but having low pressure is equally important when it comes to cooking delicate foods like eggs, fish, pasta, and vegetables so that it won’t be overcooked. Normally pressure cookers equipped with 8 pressure settings that allow you to boil, simmer, cook, bake, fry deep fry, slow cook, grill, stew, make yogurt, sterilize baby utensils and do many other great things all in one! Still, there are some manufacturers offer extra pressure settings and can replace quite a number of kitchen appliances.

3. The optimum watt

Watts is everything in an electric pressure cooker. The higher the wattage, the hotter the heating element will burn to reach the pressure in a short time and speed up the cooking process. If you hate waiting, go for the big watt but surely the bigger will cost you more. As an investment, yes, it’s a great choice.

4. Is size matter?

Depending on when will you use the pressure cooker and the size of the serving. If you are going to use it when it comes to special occasions or situation, it’s recommended to go with the large size. You don’t want to repeatedly cook the same dishes because the pot can’t serve the whole members. Unless you use it on daily for a small-sized family, then you can go for 6L or under. Bear in mind that a large pot allows you to cook two or three dishes at once by stacking them vertically. Once again, think wisely.

Need recommendations?

Not sure which electric pressure cooker to buy? Click on the link to get to know which is the best choice for electric pressure cookers in the market. You don’t want to spend money on buying the wrong pressure cooker! Hurry up get one and you can try cook yummy beef rendang and lemon cheesecake for dessert.


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