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Buzz off Mozzies, Here Comes BabyOrganix BuzzShield Cream to the Rescue!

When you or your loved ones are bitten by a mosquito, chances are you’ll be worried of what type of mosquito it is –
just a normal mozzie or the much feared Aedes aegypti, the transmitter of the dreaded Dengue fever. Living in a tropical country like Malaysia, facing the onslaught of Dengue fever, or for that matter, repeatedly bitten by mosquitos, is a way of life for many, and no one likes to be bitten.

Studies show that mosquitos kill more than a million people across the globe annually through the transmission of dangerous viruses and parasites. Mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria and Dengue can spread throughout a population. Worse, those infected don’t even realise they’ve picked up a disease until the symptoms begin to show, and children are especially susceptible due to their weak immune system.

Even if mosquito that bites are not of those that can carry diseases, still a mosquito’s bite can cause an allergic reaction, redness, itchiness and can be plain annoying. If mosquito bites can cause skin rashes and complications to adults, imagine what it can do to your child’s sensitive skin. How you wish you had an invisible protective shield to ward off not only mosquitos but all bugs and insects?

Are All Mosquito Repellents the Same?
While we have been using mosquito repellents in an array of lotions, creams, sprays, coils, and incense sticks for ages, many are known to have chemical ingredients harmful to adults, children and the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a mosquito and bug repellent made of all natural extracts?

BabyOrganix BuzzShield Cream
BabyOrganix BuzzShield Cream is formulated to shoo away all undesirable mosquitos and bugs. This DEET free, pure herbal and essential oil blend is so safe that it can be applied on your skin as well your child’s delicate skin without worry. Now, try doing that with any other chemical repellents. That’s not all, it’s Paraben free and BHT free, and has no preservatives, artificial fragrances and other harmful chemicals.

Apply BabyOrganix BuzzShield Cream on all pulse points or areas prone to bites and see the difference. The aroma of the herbal blend is sure to repel all of them for hours! With BabyOrganix BuzzShield Cream, now you can keep
mozzie, bugs and insects at bay, while you and your child can have fun all day!

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