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Building Fun: Why Toy Blocks Are Here To Stay

Stacking up a few blocks to make a tower and then knocking it over. This never fails to keep toddlers occupied and entertained! Construction toys such as toy blocks have been around for generations and it looks like they’ll be here to stay, no matter how tech-savvy the world around us becomes.

While most of us might have images of either colorful plastic or wooded cubes in our minds when we hear the term toy blocks, there are actually lots of different types of blocks. There are soft blocks for infants; blocks that are suitable for outdoor play; table blocks; hollow blocks; large blocks; mini blocks and blocks made of foam. There are also “almost” blocks that can be manipulated like Duplo and Lego blocks. Building toys have significant cognitive and academic benefits for children of all ages. Not only are they fun and exciting, but they help kids develop a wide variety of skills and abilities. Here are some benefits of adding block play into your child’s life.

Builds better motor skills

While playing with a set of toy blocks, your child will attempt to place them in a position so that they do not topple over. By means of trial and error, junior’s hand-eye coordination improves with practice. Although it may look clumsy at first, and sometimes it may not even seem like your child is paying attention to what he’s doing, but trust us, the mere grasping of the blocks itself serves as good practice for gripping objects, strengthening those little fingers and hands.

Mentally stimulating

A good set of toy blocks allows a child to learn how to think logically, and this is crucial for a young child’s development. After a few tries at building something and watching the blocks topple over, your child will eventually figure out that the blocks have to be arranged and placed properly to prevent that from happening. An older child will also realize (or may be taught) that a stronger base, built with more blocks at the bottom, will prevent the structure from toppling over.

Vocabulary and counting skills

With toy blocks, it’s a play and learn concept all the way. Language skills develop when the child learns the names of the colors, shapes and sizes of building blocks. Mathematical skills are sharpened when a child learns to add up or subtract the number of building blocks required to build a structure. As such, it’s easy to see why building blocks are a great learning tool for babies and toddlers.

Involves focus and patience

A child will realise that being hasty simply won’t work and that working slowly and carefully leads to more success in creating a structure.

Sparks the imagination

Building toys allow children to create their own fantasy worlds and stories. Using the imagination boosts cognitive, academic, language and social growth.

Builds confidence

Once that masterpiece is finished and due praise is given for the child’s efforts, it increases the little one’s self-confidence.

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