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Bugaboo Bee5 – Style & Comfort For Urban Parents

Bugaboo Bee5

A good urban stroller should embody comfort for both the baby and parents, yet compact enough to access narrow shopping aisles and durable to withstand the rigours of city dwelling. Enter Bugaboo Bee5, which is specially crafted for stylish parents on the go. The latest version offers more styling options and comfort than the previous model introduced in 2007.

Bugaboo Bee5 – Improved comfort for parent and child

With improved suspension and the all-new padded seat, the Bugaboo Bee5 is the most comfortable version of the urban stroller to date. But it doesn’t end there — another new feature is that the seat fabric can now be separated from the seat hardware, making it easier than ever to refresh or update the look of the stroller. Plus, parents can enjoy soft handling thanks to the luxurious leather-look grips on the handlebar.

The smoothest ride ever

Bugaboo Bee5 Parts

The Bugaboo Bee5 is even easier to manoeuvre and offers a smoother ride than ever before. The front wheel suspension has undergone a series of improvements resulting in a more comfortable & smoother ride for parents and children. The front wheels have also been designed in an entirely new way, not only making the wheels more stable but also delivering a better swivel performance. A new development also reduces the amount of dust which can make its way into the system, which guarantees a smoother drive over time.

It’s all in the details

Small things make a big difference and the Bugaboo Bee5 boasts over 100 new parts. For example, parents’ lives will be made easier with the integrated attachment points for accessories. There’s no need to use adaptors to attach essential accessories like the Bugaboo Cup Holder, Bugaboo Parasol and the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board. Just click them directly onto the stroller and head out to explore.

Mix & match, show your style

Bugaboo Bee5

But it’s not all about function, the Bugaboo Bee5 is the ultimate customizable stroller, providing parents with more styling options than ever before. Fifteen new colours and materials will be added to the portfolio, and the new changeable wheel caps and leather-look grips give parents even more opportunities to make it their own. This level of customization has never been offered before! Some of the latest colours include olive green and dark red, giving an array of mix and match possibilities.

Parents can choose different elements from the Core Collection of solid colours or the Premium Collection of mélange colours, while the newly introduced Signature Collection features Botanic or Wave print fabrics for the seat, bassinet and/or sun canopy. Parents can create something that suits their style or move with the latest urban trends.

Get ready to play, discover and make a statement!

The Bugaboo Bee5 can be purchased at selected Mothercare stores retailing from RM3,299.

Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller

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