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After Birth Allure: Get It and Keep It

If you’re a new mom, or just had another baby — we’re guessing you might not be feeling your best due to the sheer exhaustion of giving birth. What we don’t want though, is for you to fall into the state of believing you can never feel as good as you once did about your body or looks. So, if you don’t feel your best, and are losing hope of ever looking and feeling as attractive and alluring as before, this article is for you.

What you should know, first and foremost

Giving birth is a miracle! If you have been lucky enough to experience it, feeling thankful will go a long way in your quest to feel beautiful as a new mom. Thankfulness, as opposed to discontentment and ungratefulness, is a noble virtue and carries with it the positive vibes we humans need to look and feel better in any given situation. So, if you’ve given birth safely and are busy getting about your day as a new mom, look and feel much better instantly by feeling grateful!

Once you’ve nailed that, let’s get down to the business of liking yourself, for what you see in the mirror and beyond.

Resist seeking attention and sympathy

There is a really fine line between letting others help you with stuff you’re genuinely not ready to handle immediately after giving birth, such as walking the pet or moping the entire house, for instance, and, attempting to appear more helpless than you really are just for attention, sympathy and yes, for the drama! People, including your hubby, friends and relatives may entertain the latter, but it does nothing for your self-esteem as a new mom, or your natural allure for that matter.

Do ask for help whenever you need it, and be sincere about it. Remember, a woman is always more attractive when she is sincere and drama-less, and a new mom is no exception.

Don’t be fooled by the media

The internet and beauty magazines seem to delight in running stories on how some famous women are able to slip into their tiny pre-baby jeans or a sexy, revealing outfit in a matter of days after giving birth. In the meantime, normal and not-so-famous new moms all over the world start comparing themselves to these stars and are left feeling fat and shapeless.

First and foremost, know this: Your body changes for a reason. All those extra fats stored away in various parts of your body is not meant to make you look fat or overweight, but to help you feed and nourish your baby. They will, in time, under normal, healthy conditions and good eating habits and regular exercise, give way to a more shapely and becoming figure. Rapid weight lose at this point will not only jeopardize your long-term health, but it will also affect your ability to nurse successfully and comfortably too. Those stars that seemed to have lost weight ridiculously fast after having a baby were probably forced to do so for the sake of their careers, while you have the luxury of taking your time to ensure that your baby and you are healthy, happy and thriving.

Be happy!

Yes, you read that right. It really doesn’t matter what your disposition is, for it’s up to you to either wallow in discontentment or make the most of your situation. In regards to this, have you heard of a beautifully discontented person? Indeed not, but we have seen beautifully happy ones in various sizes, colours and walks of life!

Re-evaluate your life as a new mom and do your best to see the positive side of everything, for that’s where true happiness exists — in being thankful for what you have.

The point to really keep in mind here is that there is absolutely no gain in worrying about stuff that you cannot immediately change, like your weight for the first few months after birth, or the clothes that won’t fit just yet. While you may think that how you look on the outside is how others are judging you, here’s the rub — it’s actually the happy and cheery attitude of a new mom that sets off an inner glow that just cannot be compared to how fast she has slimmed down or if she has slimmed down at all.

Eat well, enjoy your food

As a nursing mom, you’ll have to keep yourself adequately nourished to breastfeed your baby on demand. Hence, this is no time to be going on a depressing slimming diet (which rarely ever does anything other than make you look and feel weak, pale, moody, etc). Now, you can’t expect to look good when you don’t feel good, do you?

While we’re not implying that you make it a habit to down an entire tub of ice-cream at one sitting, some well-timed indulgences help to keep you attractively happy as a new mom. So, enjoy your favourite foods and while you’re at it, drink lots of water too for hydration, good digestion and a glowing skin!

Make time for exercise

This may be a tough one for some, for it may seem much easier to limit one’s food in hopes of losing weight compared to moving that body. The fact is, you do not need overly vigorous exercise to make a difference in your metabolism, which in turn influences your weight loss. All you need is 20 minutes of aerobic movements to get the ball rolling, plus, exercising makes you feel really good — the ultimate secret of looking great!

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