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Beware the Zika

Beware the Zika virus

Zika Virus – Here’s what you should know about it:

  • It causes microcephaly (where the baby’s head is drastically smaller than other babies the same age) and severe brain abnormalities in babies
  • There is no vaccine or cure for Zika
  • Symptoms often include mild fevers, rashes, conjuctivitis and joint pains
  • 80% of those infected exhibit no symptoms
  • You can get Zika from being bitten by the Aedes mosquito, same type that carries the dengue, Chikunguynya and yellow fever viruses
  • It may also spread through unprotected sex
  • Zika has spread to over 21 countries and counting

And here’s what you can do to protect yourself from contracting the virus:

  • Detect and destroy mosquito breeding sites
  • Prevent mosquito bites by using insect repellent and mosquito nets
  • If you are pregnant, avoid traveling to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

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