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Beware of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)

“I am very comfortable with my new smartphone. It makes my job much easier. I always keep it with me, even when sleeping. I sleep with the fine music from my phone, and wake up to the musical alarm. It’s something miraculous, wonderful. It seems I will not be able to live without it” says the young executive. He is happy to accomplish one of his long desired needs. He considers it a self-reward for all the years he worked toiling himself. However, he fails to realize the dangers that come with the smartphone. It’s both a reward and a risk.

What’s a smartphone?

A smartphone can, in simple terms, be defined as a communication device, say a mobile phone, with additional facilities like music, camera, (emails) wireless and fax. In the digital world, gadgets consisting these facilities are called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The devices operate on certain modulated or charged particles called electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves can simply be defined as short and long waves or wavelengths. The waves can penetrate the air efficiently and get decoded at the other terminal.

a. Long wave

b. Short wave

The waves are produced by charging the particles found constantly moving and colliding invisibly in the air. The charged particles are called photons. Higher the charging photons, greater is the energy of passing through. Longer the wavelength, weaker is the energy of the wave.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

In non-technical language, electromagnetic radiation is the interaction of the photons of the waves against or on the objects around.

Human – an electromagnetic being

Human body organs largely function on tiny or minute quantity of electrical pulses. Nerve cells called neurons transmit messages of senses from body to the brain that interpret what actually it is. Body growth, metabolism and even thinking are coordinated by the electric pulse. The body electrical pulses are critical or sensitive in maintaining the body’s well being. Any misfire or malfunction may lead to one or other kind of irregularities to organs, especially brain. The pulses work with delicate tissues spread all over the body. This tiny electric pulses form a system within the body. It works on maintaining the body balance, and any disruption or influence from external forces may cause to lose the balance. Eventually, the body succumbs to malfunctions ranging from mild to massive.

Human body – a bioelectric machine

Human is a bioelectric machine that runs on millivolts. Our body generates magnetic fields. There is a frequency within the body. Exposing to frequencies from outside can create a wrong beat, which eventually results in health issues. According to some research findings, continuous frequency for some time from outside sources may disrupt the efficiency of the internal electrical circuit system. Strong or intense magnetic fields entering the body may stimulate tissues. Thus, external Electromagnetic radiation has some impacts within our body system.

  • In 2007, some Swedish scientists found that there was difference in health quality studies between two densities of populations. The quality of the larger one is lower than the smaller one, possibly due to difference in the power output from the mobile phones.
  • Two American researchers called Marshall and Wetherall found increasing incidence of Autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s from the year 1984 when the commercial cell phone network in the US started to spread.
  • In the year 2005, Chinese researchers found that RF (Radio Frequency) radiation can cause DNA to break apart from greater stress factors.

What about microwaves?

Microwaves are also reported to cause some radiation. A researcher called Cherry found that microwave radiation affects opening the blood brain barrier giving in way to harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria into the brain, which could cause brain related illnesses ranging from dementia to tumours. This finding was later on verified by scientists and doctors in Europe. This finding, eventually led to the Benevento Resolutions 2006 acknowledging the connection between microwave radiation and health impacts.

Waves and health hazards

Below you can see the different radiation waves and the related health hazards when exposed beyond optimum levels:

  • Radiation – Health impacts
  • Microwaves – Body tissues heated and damaged
  • Infrared radiation – Heat and skin burns
  • X-rays radiation – Mutation and cell death
  • Gamma rays – Cell death, mutation and cancer

Where does radiation come from?

Almost any device run by electricity is a generator of Electromagnetic radiation. Even the hair drier at home is an EMR waves generator. Almost all household appliances emit EMR and the modern living style has become closer to living with this kind of radiation. Though all devices are the culprits, we don’t know which one is more impacting than the other. The small can-opener can send more rays than the large TVs. Thus, a house is full of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields. This can be called the indoor electro-pollution. Every one of us in our modern home is in constant and continuous attack from EMR. In fact, it is an endless war that each of us carries on with.

World cell phone population

A rough data reveals that 80% of the world population use cell phones ranging from gadgets with basic facilities to latest smart phones. In simple words, the population of the cell phones is more or less five billion. It means we all take doses of radiation every day. Yet, it is imperative to go on with the development of the living trend.

Following is a list of tips that may give you an idea on the safety from the cell phones:

  • Many people, especially young executives, seem to be very close with the cell phone 24 hours a day. It is something like opening gates for continuous EMR.
  • Avoid sleeping with cell phone. Leave your phones at least six feet away from your bed.
  • Hold the phone leaving at least a bit gap when speaking and listening to.
  • If you happen to keep the cell phones in your pocket, let the antenna side or the upper side away from your face or head
  • Avoid using cell phones at times of pregnancy. (Unless or otherwise desperately needed using it for a few times). The EMR might affect the soft tissues of developing baby.
  • Avoid using cell phones when being within a metal cubicle like car, train and bus. The EMR may be more and stronger than in normal places.
  • Using bluetooth is less harmful as it reduces 1/100 of the EMR of normal cell phones.
  • Advise children below 15 to avoid using cell phones. It may affect the growth factors in their formative ages.
  • Newly born babies are more sensitive to radiation and hence avoid using it when being close to babies. Newborns are more vulnerable to EMF than the adults are.

How are children more prone to cell phone risk?

  • Naturally, children take more energy radiating from cell phones than adults
  • The body cells of children are reproducing at a higher rate, as they keep growing than adults
  • The immune system (disease resistance system) of children is not as mature as that of adults. It makes children more vulnerable.
  • Children are supposed to have greater exposure to new risks as they keep growing up.
  • Avoid keeping a cell phone in the breast pocket, if a pacemaker is in use.
  • Be prudent to avoid radiation exposures whenever you encounter it. For example, avoid getting closer to radioactive wastes and devices emitting radiation. Read literatures about radiation risks. Tell your home folks on what you know about radiation.
  • Radiation may break DNAs. DNAs are sensitive to EMF. DNAs are self-replicating chain of basic code of life in all living things including humans. The dual helix structures have electronic conduction of some complex matters. Any damage to them may result in grave consequences in the future generations.
  • Exposure to 1,600 X-rays and continuous use of cell phone for hours might cause to break the electrons from atoms eventually leaving the tissues prone to cancer. Hence, avoid exposing to X-rays unless desperately needed and cut short cell phone use as much as you can.
  • Studies showed that heavy use of cell phones for ten years increased the risk of brain tumours than in normal cases. When there is an option to avoid heavy use, just take it, and reduce the tumour risk.

Thus, it may sound nonsensical in modern age to shun off life-comforting devices like TVs, Smartphones, Hair Dryers, Microwaves, etc. However, it is wise to be prudent in using them whereby the gate of risks is narrowed or reduced. Life is valuable. Living on this planet is wonderful. Therefore, it is up to the user to open the door for risks or safety.

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