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The Benefits of Music Toys

From building blocks, plushies to dolls and many others, toys play a role in your baby’s development. Musical type of toys has been proven to help in the growth of a baby. Here are some of their benefits.

Music has been known to invoke emotions and puts us at ease. Good news is, it also helps to calm and soothe your little ones too. There must be a reason why babies are exposed to music even when they are still in the womb.

So why not continue this after birth?

Exposing toddlers to music and musical toys brings advantages and helps with their skills from a very young age.

Music helps boost the little ones’ brain power.

“More and more studies show a correlation between higher academic achievements with children who are exposed to music,” says children’s music specialist Meredith LeVande. “Music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development.”

Music helps improve learning abilities and memory.

How it works is that music stimulates the brain to develop. With that, it also improves memory indirectly. Kids tend to remember more and learn more with music.

When a toddler is exposed to music at an early age, they will definitely continue on with that interest.

Also, expect them to be carrying those musical toys wherever they go. It helps them to socialize as they would want to show to others how good they are with their toys. Set a play date and watch as your toddler shows his skills on his crib piano or xylophone. With that, also comes confidence apart from boosting their social skills.

Music is expression.

When there are no words to express what our vocabulary can do, there is always music to turn to. We’ve all heard that one of the great ways to express is through arts, and music is a fundamental piece of art. An overjoyed child may be hitting on his musical toy gleefully.

And of all those benefits, music fosters creativity for the mind, body and soul. An expressive baby is a healthy baby.


Here are some wonderful musical toys that your little one may enjoy:

  • Toys like piano, guitars and drum sets for toddlers can help in developing musical skills at an early stage. These musical toys are designed for babies and therefore proven to be safe. Like crib pianos, it plays a note and then a jingle once the baby hits the right key. At some point, they will start picking up certain keys and know which
    button to press to get the song/jingle they desire.
  • Music cubes that lights up when touched is a favourite among parents as it helps with both noise detection and colour recognition for toddlers.
  • One of the more well-known music-themed toys for toddlers would be the rainbow-coloured xylophone. The rainbow-coloured xylophone helps stimulate your little one’s brain by coordinating notes with the coloured bars. They may start off hitting on every bar they see; but give them some time and eventually; those noises may turn out to be music to your ears.

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