Because Your Child Deserves to Excel In Math!
Because Your Child Deserves to Excel In Math!
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Because Your Child Deserves to Excel In Math!

Mathematics is a subject which children either love or absolutely loathe in school. The latter is largely due to children not being able to cope, and consequently being left behind in their math lessons in class. While it is frustrating for children when this happens, their parents too, will start to feel the desperation of wanting to help their kid. If extra classes and math tuition don’t seem to help much, what can they do? First and foremost, we need to realise that properly trained teachers and a complete range of teaching materials are absolutely essential if children are to excel in mathematics.

In this regard, parents whose children attend Singapore Math Academy are confident that they have made the right choice, and here are some reasons why.

Internationally acclaimed and ranked as one of the best in Malaysia, the award-winning Singapore Math Academy has teachers who are officially trained and certified by Dr Yeap Ban Har, the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Pathlight School-Singapore and Anglo-Singapore International School-Thailand. Dr Yeap is also connected to the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Professional teaching tools are utilised to build each child’s perception of Mathematics and Problem Solving, and methods used include Singapore Math’s unique teaching pathway: CONCRETE; PICTORIAL; & ABSTRACT (CPA). Stepping away from uninspiring rote learning, repetitive exercises, and boring, burdensome worksheets, the academy focuses instead on problem-solving and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), which is a much better way to help children develop a solid foundation in mathematics, allowing them to perform better in school and beyond.

Singapore Math Academy offers a comprehensive math curriculum starting from Kindergarten, to Primary 6 and right up to the last year of Secondary school. Constantly making the news in the arena of education, both locally and internationally, the academy offers a well-rounded education which prepares children to be capable, critical thinking citizens of this ever-evolving world.

Ranked amongst the top in the world since 1995, the mission of Singapore Math Academy is to establish high-quality Singapore Mathematics Centers for children where specialized learning environments are implemented, to help develop children academically and socially. ​

Catering to children’s unique math learning requirement

Students attending Singapore Math Academy are furnished with a complete set of instructional materials, and they are guided by trained teachers. Extra supplementary materials are provided for the benefit of weaker students, as well as for those who need to be further challenged.


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