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Because It’s Truly Worthwhile to Watch Children Thrive!

There are parents out there who find themselves worrying day in and day out regarding their child’s performance in school. They are not alone, of course, for many families share this predicament, where their school-going children are struggling to keep up, especially in subjects such as math. Problems when it comes to calculations, poor concentration, weak memory and even carelessness can have negative effects on a child’s self-esteem, and if not addressed quickly, may ruin their schooling experience in many ways.

Many families have found the solution to these issues with Wekie Arithmetic, a centre which utilises creative teaching methods and specifically crafted programmes to help children master mental arithmetic and ultimately, build a love for mathematics. The renowned programme also helps to nurture soft skills in children, while building and instilling good character in them. Parents will be glad to know that Wekie Arithmetic is run by a team of experienced, passionate educators who are all experts in mental arithmetic as well as child development.

Established in 2014, Wekie Arithmetic is far from your run-of-the-mill arithmetic enrichment centre, but rather, an intriguing story-telling teaching method is used here and this unique approach piques children’s interest and keeps them wanting to learn more. It is a fact too, that no two children may be at the same starting point of knowledge and understanding, and yet, at Wekie Arithmetic, each child will get the opportunity to thrive at whatever pace which is most suitable for them. Hence, no child gets left behind in building their skills in mental arithmetic, and unfolding their hidden talents!

With a special focus on sharpening children’s arithmetic skills via mental arithmetic as well as proper use of abacus, Wekie Arithmetic has made a name for itself, having benefited more than 2,500 students who emerged more confident than ever, being able to calculate quicker and more efficiently. Additionally, children also learn to become keener listeners with better concentration and longer attention span, having sharper memories, and increased problem solving and logical thinking skills.

Established in 2014, Wekie Arithmetic is known for its educators’ creative teaching methods and its thoughtfully crafted programmes to help children build their skills in mental arithmetic. Students of Wekie Arithmetic have competed and won numerous competitions locally and internationally! 

The courses offered at Wekie Arithmetic are categorised into two groups, and they are Programme 1 which is the Basic Course with classes that have been custom-made and simplified for beginners in Mental Arithmetic; and Programme 2, which is the Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Level which proceeds to more complicated calculations, with more focus on accuracy and the speed of calculation. It does not matter at which level a child starts off at, for at Wekie Arithmetic, the aim is to ensure that each child learns at their own comfortable pace and emerges being capable to practice and apply their knowledge in their schoolwork as well as in their daily lives.

With its specially crafted classes and engaging workshops created for children to have fun while learning, it is no surprise that Wekie Arithmetic is the top choice of families who wish for their children to thrive in arithmetic and have better problem-solving skills. Many of the acclaimed centre’s students have emerged as champions, having competed and won in National and International Mental Arithmetic competitions!

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