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Bath Time Tips

Here are some helpful pointers on how to get your tot clean during bath time 🙂

Teach Kids The Proper Names For Their Body Parts

Little ones should know the correct names of all their body parts and this includes their private parts too. This is important so they can express themselves effectively if they experience any irritation or pain. By itemizing the parts of their genitals and rectum, you can also help ensure proper washing habits in the bathtub by reminding them of each part to wash. Make sure to also teach your child to rinse thoroughly to prevent rashes.

Encourage Hair Washing

It’s almost an universal phenomena, but toddlers who enjoy washing their hair are few and are. The phobia of water running down their heads together with the possibility of stinging their eyes are to blame. Half this dilemma can be addressed by using a tear-free shampoo which does not irritate or sting the eye. You can also try letting them have a bath toy with them during bath times so they have something to distract themselves with while you wash and rinse.

Keep Hair Neat

Coach toddlers to brush their own hair morning and night to prevent knots. A good detangling shampoo or conditioner will make the process easier and more pleasant. Use a soft hair brush which is gentle enough for delicate hair.

Readers’ pick for shampoo: Mustela Foam Shampoo For Newborns and Carrie Junior Baby Shampoo.

Oral Care

This is one area of hygiene that you will truly have to lead by example. Teaching a child to brush his or her own teeth regularly will become much easier if the little one sees mummy or daddy do it religiously.

Readers’ pick for toothpaste: Buds organic : Children toothpaste and Pureen Kid Toothpaste (Flouride Free).

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