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What’s Your Baby’s Star Sign?

Baby's Star Sign

There are several fun ways to discern your baby’s personality, such as the baby’s star sign.

Did you know that for the longest time, a popular nursery rhyme was thought to be one of them! Monday’s Child is an English poem written in 1838. Instead of reading it at face value, it is meant to help children learn the days of the week. So don’t worry that your child who is born on a Wednesday, will have a sad personality or will be bogged down by his emphatic nature!

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#Mondayschildpoem… what day were you born on and does this reflect in your personality? I was born on a Wednesday, I’m full of woe! #woe #theylied ?

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Astrology aka star signs then became popular for adults who are curious about how their birth signs affect the way they perceive life. And now we have them for babies, too. Here are your baby’s personality by star signs at a glance.


baby's star sign


Baby's sign

Baby's sign


Baby's Star sign


baby's star signs


Baby's sign


Baby's sign


Baby's sign


Baby's sign


Baby's sign


Baby's star signs

So there you have the 12 star signs for your baby. Was it accurate? Whatever it is, take it with a dose of fun and a pinch of salt. Remember that a child’s personality is shaped by both nature and nurture, too!

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