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Baby Showers on a Budget

Excited to welcome your little baby boy or girl into this world? Can’t wait to tell the world about him or her? Well, how about throwing an awesome baby shower?! We understand that finance can be an issue for some, especially with the baby on the way and spending money is the last thing you want to do.

But hold up! You don’t have to spend a ton of money for a great celebration! The key to any great party is the people celebrating your special day with you. Read on as we give you tips on how to throw a fun and cheap baby shower!

Who should plan?

Usually, someone who is not a relative plans a baby shower so that the couple does not give out the impression that they are doing it only for the gifts and attention. To be honest, this means anyone other than the expectant couple themselves.

The best would be to go with what feels right to you. You and a friend or relative should be perfectly happy and excited to plan a baby shower.

When should it happen?

Anytime after conception is fine to have a baby shower, but ideally the best time would be later in pregnancy when you are sure everything is going well and can happily show off your big belly.

Before setting a date, you might want to talk to the guests you are expecting most – especially your baby’s grandparents. It would be a real bummer to hand out invitation cards and find out later on that the people you want present the most would not be able to make it.


Instead of having it in a restaurant or club where it would cost you a lot, you could have it in your own house or a relative’s or friend’s house. However, make sure you have friends to help you clean up after the party. You do not want to be left alone having to clean up all the mess.

If you decide on having something outdoors, check out a local park. Be sure to find out if you need permit to throw a small celebration and have a plan b just in case it starts raining.


Skip the snail mail post and all the hassle of printing out cards and getting them posted and opt for social media – Facebook would be best! Facebook gives you the option to create an event and invite as many people as you wish, which also allows them to RSVP with just one click.

You and your guests both would appreciate the ease of the invitation. Alternatively, you could call people up or text them through Whatsapp a cute image of an invitation that you designed on Paint.


While decorations such as lights, a popcorn holder, cards and all that jazz can be found at IKEA or any other party store, why spend all that cash? With the internet, everyone’s life is a whole lot easier Log on to Pinterest for some really cool DIY party decoration ideas.

Once you have found a couple of things you like, get on Youtube and search for tutorials because videos are a lot easier to understand and follow. Head out to your closest arts & crafts store, get all the supplies you need and get creative.


Flowers are beautiful! No matter where you place them, they just add a great feel to the environment. However, they don’t last very long and certain flowers cost a lot of money.

You could opt for DIY tissue flowers – all you have to do is make the flower out of coloured tissue paper, attach them to wooden sticks and place them in a Mason jar or vase!

But if you really want those fresh flowers and don’t mind spending the extra bucks – then go on and buy yourself some beautiful fresh flowers.

Here is a tip; don’t buy flowers from any florists – look for wholesale flower shops around your area for great prices. If you live in the Klang Valley, Petaling Street would be the place to go for fresh flowers.


Get cooking! Don’t worry if you have zero cooking skills; just put together a simple spread of finger foods such as sandwiches, chocolate fudge balls, crackers with cheese spread and some fruits. All the food mentioned require little or no cooking at all!

As for cakes and dessert – of course there would be one person you know who can bake well. Talk them into handling your little dessert bar. Prebake some cupcakes and place them across the table with frosting and sprinkles to make it a DIY cupcake station. Cheap and fun!


Forget a band and all that fancy stuff – this is a baby shower not a wedding! Wind it down to just games that require pens papers, cards or nothing at all. As for prizes, use one of your artworks (i.e. table centerpiece, tissue flower bouquet) as prizes for the winner.

Door Gift!

It is definitely nice to send your guests off with something to remember from your little celebration. The cheapest way would be to stick to food stuff, such as cupcakes in a jar decorated with a ribbon around it.

If you are willing to put in a little more cash, you can get a bunch of mugs with customized printing of a baby’s palm along with the title of the celebration.

No matter what kind of baby shower you have, where you host it, how much money you spend; it all comes down to the people who celebrate this special day with you. Like the saying goes – money can’t buy happiness but love and laughter can!


Here’s a handy checklist just so that you don’t miss out anything on this very special day!

8 to 10 weeks before…

  • Choose a location
  • Set a budget
  • Make a guest list
  • Decide on date and time

4 to 6 weeks before…

  • Invite guests
  • Decide on party games
  • Pick a theme
  • Get stuff to make decorations
  • Order flowers if getting any
  • Plan the food and drinks
  • Let anyone know if you need help
  • Decide on door gift

1 to 2 weeks before…

  • Make sure your guests have RSVP’d
  • Make sure all decorations are done
  • Buy all door gifts
  • Borrow extra tables and chairs if needed

2 days before…

  • Get your food shopping done
  • Assign a guest to take photos on the day
  • If you are cooking, do as much as you can

1 day before…

  • Pick up flowers (if any)
  • Clean up your house
  • Decorate your house
  • Put together door gift

On the day…

  • Set out food and drinks
  • Set out chairs and tables for guests
  • Have a special seat for mom to be
  • Relax and enjoy the party!

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