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Are You Worried Your Family Isn’t Getting Enough Nutrition?

Beauty Talk Oxydrinks

When it comes to your family’s health, you will ensure that they get the best nutrition that money can buy. With Beauty Talk Oxydrinks, you will be able to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need from the age of 1 to 100! Here are the reasons why this amazing natural nutrition drink is especially beneficial for pregnant mothers and children.

Taking Care Of Prenatal Nutritional Needs

Pregnant moms need all the nutrition they can get during this precious time of their lives. However, it can be difficult for them to get proper nutrition due to food aversions, morning sickness, poor appetite and such. Thankfully, there is always a highly nutritional beverage to turn to during times like these – Beauty Talk Oxydrinks. This nutritionally dense drink is easy to prepare and delivers the goodness of 22 different types of superfoods to a pregnant mom’s body, providing complete nourishment to her growing fetus and herself.

It is high in calcium, iron and fibre which are crucial for pregnancy health, and contains no added sugars, salt or artificial ingredients. Some of the lauded superfoods in its list of ingredients include mushroom, spinach, pumpkin, seaweed, oats, black sesame, brown rice, non-GMO soybeans and a whole lot more! Oxydrinks has gained popularity among Malaysian consumers, including pregnant moms who wish to supplement their diets with more nutrition. Nursing moms can benefit, too, as it also acts as a lactogenic beverage to increase their milk supply.

Complete Nutrition For Growing Bodies

It can be a challenge to get children to consume healthy foods. Kids are not easy to please when it comes to food and many of them are picky about the tastes, textures and even smells of certain foods. Apart from continuing to serve healthy food choices to their children, today’s parents have found an easy way to supplement their children’s diets with Beauty Talk Oxydrinks that helps close nutritional gaps. Its impressive ingredient list is inclusive of moringa, oats, potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, mushroom, non-GMO soybeans, brown rice, seaweed and that’s just half of what’s in it! With just one bite, your child would already consume 22 kinds of natural wholefoods comprising all the 5 colours representing the nutrients that superfoods contain!

Manufactured under strict supervision, adhering to HACCP standards as well as ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, the product also undergoes SGS Testing for heavy metal, pesticides and bacteria. It is a great addition to growing children’s diets and is tasty, wholesome and easily digested. It contains no added sugar, salt, oils or artificial ingredients and is suitable for any age group, young or old.

To enjoy, dilute 3 tablespoons with water or 2 tablespoons with milk, and then mix well with lukewarm or hot water. Children who are just starting on solid foods and who are not allergic to any of the 22 natural ingredients listed below may consume half a tablespoon into their porridge or milk:

Beauty Talk Oxydrinks Superfoods

A Truly Healthy Option

With so many yummy and health benefits, it is no wonder that Beauty Talk Oxydrinks have won the BabyTalk MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2019 for Pregnancy Supplement and Kids Dietary Supplement categories. Love it? Leave a review of it here!

For more information and to purchase online, visit www.beautytalk.com.my, or connect with them at www.facebook.com/beautytalk.malaysia or www.facebook.com/oxydrink.

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