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An Integrated Approach to Reversing Health Conditions

Are you aware of metabolic and nutritional medicine? It is the integrative approach to treating the body’s metabolic processes. There are various ways of assessing nutritional deficiencies diagnostically and numerous health conditions that have been shown to respond exceedingly well to supplementation with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine is at the forefront of integrative healthcare. It’s truly personalised and focused medical care, using the body’s natural biochemistry along with current scientific research. Nutrition and metabolism are intertwined, with metabolism being the chemical process through which food is transformed into fuel. For optimal health, the body needs nutritious foods in the right proportions of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Additionally, we need a healthy supply of various micronutrients, if we wish to live with vitality and avoid disease. Too much of the needed substances, or too little, leads to metabolic disorder.

The most commonly recognised metabolic disorder is diabetes, of which there are two types. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce adequate insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the condition in which the body does not properly utilise the insulin that is produced. In addition to diagnosed metabolic disorders, the lack of adequate macronutrients and micronutrients can cause less serious but no less impactful symptoms. With customised diagnostics and treatment, your health and vitality can be improved.

DSY Wellness specialises in metabolic and functional medicine, using the latest scientific research to understand the chemical processes that the body relies on to function optimally. They study how and why those processes break down and cause problems that can lead to a variety of health problems. They are then able to use natural remedies to bring the body back into balance and optimal functioning again.

During a consultation, Jonathan Chew, a Senior Consultant from DSY Wellness, will discuss your health, dietary habits, and lifestyle habits. A thorough medical history will be reviewed. From the data gathered on your medical history, Mr Chew may identify areas where deficiencies may exist. With specific diagnostic testing, accurate levels of various vitamins and minerals, the lack of a particular nutrient, as well as hormones (if warranted) can be measured. From here, Mr Chew will have the precise knowledge to recommend supplementation as needed for optimal health and the reversal of health conditions.

The team at DSY Wellness understands that each person has a unique genetic makeup that will react differently to the environment, and that’s why extensive lab testing is done to determine what foods work best with your body and what supplements can optimise functionality.

Apart from addressing chronic health disorders, DSY Wellness also partners with the Institute of Complementary & Traditional Medicine (www.ictm.org.my) to provide various courses of personal health empowerment. The Centre believes that education is key to address the rising prevalence rate of chronic health disorders both locally and internationally.

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