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Always Be in TOP Form, With High Performance TOP Liquid Odour Buster

Kuala Lumpur, November 28, 2019 – If you are among the Malaysians who work out regularly, the sweaty, musty smell that hits when you open your gym bag, and clings to athletic gear even after repeated washings with regular detergents is a familiar, embarrassing problem.

A recent survey by TOP, the Putra Brand Award 2019 Platinum winner for the household product category[1], found that almost 80% active people who work out more than four hours a week, have problems with odours lingering in their workout wear after it had been washed repeatedly. These odours tend to linger because clothes were not fully cleaned as workout wear is made of technical synthetic fabrics that trap sweat and body oils (sebum) deep down at the fibre level, making it difficult for regular detergents to dislodge.

For most of us clean laundry means it has no stains and smells fresh. The reality is that sweat, bacteria and food stains, that are not visible to the eye, continue to build up when not thoroughly cleaned, and over time result in musty, ‘wet’ and stale smelling fabrics.

Most regular detergents only remove surface stains but not the trapped sweat and sebum, and instead use strong fragrances to mask the bad odours, leaving the underlying cause of odorous clothing unsolved.

With TOP Liquid Odour Buster, high performance anti-sweat odour solution that is specifically designed for those with active lifestyle, to eliminate odours, and to help prevent them from coming back.

Developed by Lion Corporation, Japan, High Performance TOP Liquid Odour Buster penetrates deeply into technical fibres to eliminate trapped sweat and deodorize odour molecules, for fabrics that are truly clean from the fibre core.

TOP Liquid Odour Buster range works in three ways to treat workout clothes. First it eliminates trapped sebum, and the odour-causing bacteria it attracts. Next, its High Performance Anti-Sweat Odour technology neutralise, deodorise & removes musty and sweaty smells, delivering 2 times more burst of freshness[2]. The result is clean and fresh laundry even for heavy sweat active wear.

The newly enhanced formulation is based on TOP’s award-winning Micro-Clean Tech (MCT) detergent technology, with the addition Antibacterial properties to prevent 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria[3] and with new Odour Buster fragrance technologies that includes Malodour Removal Technology, Malodour Neutralizing Technology and Malodour Deodorizing Technology.

The enhanced TOP Liquid Odour Buster formulation can make musty, sweaty laundry a thing of the past, so that you can focus on form, and let TOP handle the function.

The product usage survey by TOP on 150 heavy sweat users of the new TOP Liquid Odour Buster revealed highly positive findings with 92% liking the product, 91% liking the fragrance and 92% agreeing that it removed the heavy sweat smell. TOP Liquid Odour Buster’s ability to remove malodour received a 91% approval rating, while 93% of respondents found that it removed the sweaty smell from active wear[4] effectively.

“As active lifestyles catch hold in Malaysia, athleisure wear is becoming accepted even as smart casual or work wear, so it is important that consumers have a solution to care for these versatile outfits,” said Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Marketing Manager (Fabric Care Division) Ms Ling Ai Li .

“With TOP Liquid Odour Buster, High Performance Anti-Sweat Odour solution,  even the heaviest sweat individuals such as Spartan race athletes, will have a way to eliminate sweaty and musty odours from workouts, and prevent them from coming back, thus getting more wear out of their clothes, with the confidence that comes from smelling clean and fresh.”

TOP Detergent is the official fabric care partner of Spartan Race Malaysia. Catch TOP detergents including the High Performance TOP Liquid Odour Buster range at the Spartan Race Malaysia Iskandar Puteri, Johor. There were four races : the 50km Ultra with 60 obstacles, the 21km Beast with 30 obstacles, the 13km Super with 25 obstacles and an exclusive 5km race for Southern Lion employees, that took place on November 16, 2019.

“TOP is the Official Fabric Care partner of Spartan Race Malaysia. After completing such a challenging obstacle race, the participants will need a detergent that can remove all the mud, grime and sweat from their sports attire. We are confident our newly improved High Performance TOP Liquid Odour Buster is the perfect solution.”

“This race gives Southern Lion employees a chance to experience the Spartan Race, challenging their endurance and team spirit and most importantly to challenge our own product. They are all users of our TOP Liquid Detergent and this race will give them a chance to prove that TOP will rise above any given challenge,” said Mr Tatsuya Horiuchi, Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, who flagged off the Spartan Race.

For Southern Lion’s Mohamad Albohari Selamat and Zaliza Zainal, it was their first ever experience participating in an obstacle race.

“I consider myself an active person, but even the 5km special race we took part in was gruelling. My race kit was drenched in sweat, and was stinky by the time I got home, but after washing with High Performance TOP Liquid Odour Buster, the bad smells were gone. My muscles still hurt though,” Mohamad Albohari said.

For Zaliza Zainal, the experience helped her strengthen bonds with colleagues, while confirming that TOP Liquid Odour Buster was up to the challenge of removing even heavy sweat odours.

“It really works. Sweaty odours were completely removed. I would recommend it with full confidence to my family and friends,” Zaliza added.

The TOP Liquid Odour Buster comes in a 1.8L Refill Pack, a 2.7kg bottle and 4.0kg bottle that retails for RM10.40, RM17.55 and RM24.05 respectively, and is available in-store nationwide.

To find out more, please visit http://www.southernlion.com.my , TOP Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TOPdetergentMY/ or call customer care line at 1800-88-0133.

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