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All the Love and Comforts of Our Mother’s Home

A comfortable, safe and relaxing space to heal and recover – this is basically what every new mom desires to experience after giving birth, regardless if it’s her first time, or if she already has other children. But with so many confinement centres to choose from, how will a new mom know if she is making the best choice for her own postnatal recovery and for the quality care she desires for her precious baby’s first few weeks of life? More importantly, will her ease and comfort be sacrificed in exchange for getting postnatal care form a centre instead of from one’s own family or home?

Cozzi Confinement Center understands these needs and has taken every effort to ensure that every new mom who spends their confinement period there feels as safe and comfortable as she would in her own mother’s home. And because the award-winning centre believes in administering confinement care from the heart, new moms will always feel truly appreciated, loved and cared for, together with their newborns.

As confinement centres pop up all over the country, it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of confinement care, especially if centres pay attention mainly to the business aspect of it. This was never the case for Cozzi Confinement Center. Established in 2017, the centre carries a deep rooted belief that confinement care should always be given from the heart. Personifying the meaning of ‘as warm as a mother’s house’ it has since flourished with 5 branches, and administers high quality confinement care to more than 2000 new moms.

While upholding the much-revered traditions of Chinese confinement care practices, professionalism is nevertheless very much a priority at Cozzi Confinement Center. Here you’ll find that a team of enthusiastic nurses are ready to provide care and attention to detail, with patience and love. New moms will find that all their questions about breastfeeding will be answered alongside being provided with all the assistance they would need during the initial part of their nursing journey. Chinese medicine practitioners also make regular visits to ensure that new moms are recovering well. Special medicinal baths as well as postpartum massage are provided, as new moms also partake in baby and self-care courses, so as to ensure their physical and mental health.

Newborns are monitored 24/7 in the nursery, where expert care by experienced nurses are given. All aspects of newborn care are covered, from bathing, nappy-changing, burping, and putting them in bed, as well as ensuring that they are breastfed by their moms. Regular visits from the pediatrician for newborns’ check-ups and health monitoring allow new moms to rest and recover with a peace of mind.

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