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Alientech Malaysia’s Double Victory: Celebrating Success At Asia Automotive Awards 2023

Automotive Service Excellence Award

Alientech Malaysia Sdn Bhd proudly announces its recent recognition at the Asia Automotive Award 2023, where the company secured honours in both the Automotive Service Excellence and Automotive Innovation categories. The awards ceremony, held on 19 November 2023, underscored Alientech Malaysia’s unwavering commitment to service excellence and its groundbreaking contributions to the automotive industry.

In reflecting on the achievement, Raymond Low, CEO of Alientech Malaysia Sdn Bhd, shared: “Every curve of this award represents a milestone in our quest to redefine excellence and leave an indelible mark on the roads of Asia.”

Automotive Innovation Excellence Award

Automotive Innovation Excellence Award

Alientech Malaysia has long been at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry, consistently delivering IT-based solutions to partners and customers across Asia. The company has particularly dedicated efforts to address challenges within the electric vehicle (EV) sector, focusing on critical aspects such as mileage and stability.

In response to the burgeoning trend of electric mobility, Alientech Malaysia has significantly invested in research and development, crafting tailored IT solutions and protocols for EVs. The company actively champions the sustainable growth of EVs by advocating for regulatory

consistency and standardisation in charging infrastructure, battery technology, and interoperability.

Highlighting the importance of regulatory frameworks, Alientech Malaysia aims to level the playing field for manufacturers and enhance consumer confidence. The company advocates for global standardisation in charging connectors, voltages, and protocols, fostering convenience for users and stimulating market growth. Alientech Malaysia also engages in proactive education and awareness initiatives to emphasise the advantages of standardisation and stability in the EV industry.

Acknowledging the rising popularity of electric mobility in Asia, Alientech Malaysia is committed to providing comprehensive, long-term electric vehicle solutions tailored for the Malaysian and broader Asian markets. The company envisions creating worry-free environments for customers embracing EVs in the future.

Alientech Malaysia places a strong emphasis on continuous education and upskilling, particularly in the realms of automotive remapping and chip-tuning with IT-based solutions. The company champions innovation in the automotive industry while actively promoting environmentally friendly practices.

When queried about sustainability, Alientech Malaysia outlined its commitment to eco-friendly practices in electric mobility. This includes efforts in electric vehicle production with reduced environmental impact, battery recycling programs, renewable energy integration, eco-friendly charging infrastructure, and thorough life cycle assessments.

Currently, Alientech Malaysia is developing EVs designed to benefit communities not covered by public transport, with a focus on enhancing the overall public transport experience in Malaysia and Asia. Addressing challenges within the electric mobility sector, Alientech Malaysia remains steadfast, emphasising consistent improvement and technology upgrades.Offering advice to industry players, Alientech Malaysia encourages prioritising value and benefit to the convenience and lifestyle of the community when venturing into electric mobility.

Looking ahead, Alientech Malaysia envisions an IPO under AlienWorld Technology Berhad in 2025, with a commitment to contributing to job opportunities, training, and societal welfare. The company’s future projects will centre on technologies in fashion, food, living, and transportation.

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